11 days left until Michael Bolton's concert in Romania 

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Jaana, that's awesome seeing everyone at that hotel. How long did it take you to get to&from the concert? You go girl. Love your descriptions&you do well with English.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA USA
Hi Robin!
My flight to Romania, Bucharest was 28.7 in the morning. I was in Bucharest around midday, slept first night there (and did some shopping!). Between Helsinki, Finland - Bucharest, Romania it's 1092 miles. Early next morning I took a train to Costanta, travelling there 4 hours, I think it was 245 km. Concert was then the next day, Friday. Saturday and Sunday had a vacation there, beach, sun tanning and rest at the Black Sea. We left the hotel before 6 in the morning, spent couple of hours again in Bucharest and then to the airport. I was at home just before midnight, Monday evening!
Here is pictures

from the House of Parleament, 2nd biggest building

in the world! And some more from the concert. Take care Jaana xxx
Jaana, Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!!! They are beautiful!!!1

Love Eileen xoxo
Thanks Jaana.

Though I'm unable to see the pics because of being blind&all, it's awesome your little vacation there. Wow! 10000 plus miles one way. You go girl. Thanks for telling me&sharing with all of us.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA USA :)
Hello Jaana,
You must have had a really wonderful vacation, the surroundings are truely very beautiful. I am happy to see you are standing there in high heels and you look fab. Your legs must have healed? Who are in the pic with you?
Thanks again for sharing the photos and looking forward to seeing the rest, I don't facebook, so I do hope you will post more here.

Hee-hee, always fun to read you Jaana! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi everyone, I didn’t have a lot of mail this morning so had time to check Twitter and Michael has a cute post about playing tennis… But in case you haven’t seen them, I’ve read that there are pictures from Romania since the 6th and thought I’d let you know. BTW, I was thinking, Raluca started this thread, but we never heard how she enjoyed the show, has anyone heard? Just checking. Take care all. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi everybody :)

I did enjoyed MB's concert in Romania as I did all his other 6 he had in my country. I've seen all his concerts from the backstage because I'm working with MB's promoter in Romania :))
All I can say is that Michael is a very special person. He is very nice and very very funny. From all the International Artists that I've worked with in the last 10 years ( and I've worked with a lot of big names) he is my all time favorite! And so are the people that work with him ( band and crew, I absolutely love them all (the old and the new members in the band and crew)). I wish I had more time to spend with them. I'm looking forward to the next concert!

Best Regards,
Wow! Raluca. That's awesome. I'm glad for you the experiences you've had seeing Michael backstage at all his concerts in Rumania. That must be awesome.

Robin the boltonnut from L. A. CA
Raluca, Thanks so much for sharing your perspective working on the shows when they come to your country. I know over the years here as a fan we love everyone from Michael on down too at the concerts. They are so nice and fun to be around-just like Michael is...

Thanks again!
Robin in the USA
Raluce, Thanks for sharing you story with us! It must be exciting to have been behind the scene! He is a warm and wonderful person. His concerts are amazing and everyone who is there is warm and friendly!

Love Eileen xoxo
Thank-you Raluca I'm happy you had a fanastic time
Sounds like a great job
It's nice to hear that all the band and crew are lovely as well Thank-you
All the best
Dianna xxx


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