Michael has had numerous hits throughout his career.  He has recorded some amazing ballads, some seductive & sexy tunes, and made some hot dance numbers.

With that said...what song of Michael's do you believe is his most inspirational?

My pick is without a doubt "Time, Love And Tenderness."  The lyrics speak loud and clear, they speak true, and they flat-out speak inspiration.


"I wanna hear you say it...doesn't get any better than this!"

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Hi Angelica, if you’re on Facebook, maybe you can ask Michael your most pressing questions and hopefully, he’ll respond on video soon. And for your viewing pleasure, this is Michael in “Snow Dogs”:


You do hear “Dance with me”, “Time love and tenderness”, that little bit of “When a man loves a woman” and “As” in the movie, so that’s what you missed. Oh and a funny performance by Cuba Gooding JR! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Thanks Silvie,to have found "As" is great.I was listening to it now several times ,because I wanted to find out if it is him singing towards the end(...we all know sometimes life's hates and troubles,.......a.s.o.),because although I have a trained ear it is really hard to say,as the endings of those lines sound like Michael's voice ,but parts of it sound very unlike his voice,and I would have never heard him singing like that- do you know-or does anybody know?-because I looked in the credits and Stevie Wonder is credited as well,but it does not sound like Stevie Wonder either,and Sisquo?-I simply don't know but I want to know.

Regarding questions on facebook: I feel to lost in all my ..I don't even know what to call it at the moment...eagerness?..anyway.I'm  too busy with him already without asking him any  more questions.The two questions I did ask might be answered one way or the other by him personally or by someone else anyway at some point  and then I will see if I have any more questions regarding his private life.

The bit in Snow-dogs with him "when a man loves a woman"  is really sweet and funny-the dogs on the deckchairs.Hilarious.

According to this and your suggestion for me for facebook:  I don't speak dog (anymore).

would you know where to find his version of "Ribbon in the Sky",where is that on?

Hi again Angelica, Okay, I found the song “As” sung by Michael, from the end credits of “Snow Dogs”:


To my knowledge, it was written by Stevie Wonder, but I assure you this is Michael singing. If you listen to Stevie’s version, you might have a clue to why Michael sings it this way towards the end:


So there you go. To be honest with you Angelica, I doubt that Michael would answer much about his private life and I don’t blame him. As for your last question, to my knowledge, Michael hasn’t recorded “Ribbon in the sky” although he has said in a program on Syrius radio that he loves the song and I think he’d do a fantastic job  singing it. Well, hope that helps. Take care Angelica. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


thank's Silvie for researching and uploading this for ..me..Love
You're very welcome Angelica, take care. Hugs,  sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


First Time, Love and Tenderness because that is what eventually

in any circumstance of life happens and will happen. And secondl

When I'm back with my feet again, that for obvious reasons "literally"

inspires me to a better future.

Take care


Hi Everyone

All of Michaels songs provide inspiration to us all one way or the other and for that I will be eternally grateful. It is very hard to choose because at different times in my life there was always a song to listen to and give me peace and hope in my heart but WIBOMFA seems to cover such a lot og mf feelings and GTD gives me the inspiration that life will get better and I can carry on.


Wow...so many inspirational...but for me I would have to say WHEN I'M BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN!.  Wish he would put it in his concert.




O I agree Donna and we're not the only ones who think that. I adore the  live version on "This is Michael Bolton" but I did suggest to Michael in a blog that he could even sing it with only piano accompaniment and it would be just as gorgeous... Maybe one day. Thank you for sharing sweetie, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada  


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