I was just thinking. As I'm only young and obviously I don't know as much as some of you fans on here. I was just thinking what facts about Michael could you tell me that I may not know. Thanks.

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Hey Chelsea, if I could, I would! :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
If I could, I would is a copp out there is always a way sometimes one must be a little tricky to get there but its about determination and faith. If you have those things the words will be I will or I did....... Remember as we were children and we were shown the little train that could. It did not say maybe I think I can..over and over I think I can I think I can...(Faith and determination)
Sorry Ann, I'm not totally understanding your reply to our Sylvie here.

Can you please explain what you mean by it please as I must be having a 'daft' moment.

Thank you.

Much love Jennifer XX
Oh flipping heck! Ofcourse!! How daft am I?

I read the post over and over and think I must have been half asleep!!

Thanks Juliet, thankgoodness, you're awake!!

See, told you I was having a daft moment!!

Love Jennifer XXX
Did you know that Michael is acutally, Dr. Michael (Bolton)? He got an honorary doctorate degree in Music (Arts) from (I believe the University of Connecticut)
Didn't know that thanks Gail.
Thanks for sharing that!! I didn't know that either!!!

Love Eileen xoxo
Hey Gail, it’s all lost on me but Michael said in an interview once that he would have loved to have a video of just the dancers in "Wait on love" because he loved it so much… I wonder if Paula Abdul did the choreography on that one. I didn’t know Randy was in that video! Marcel has commented on how different Randy looked in those days… Hey Chelsea, here’s another fact you may not know: Michael used to babysit Paula Abdul! There’s a video posted in the “New videos on Youtube” of Paula Who I believe is describing an incident that happened once, while he was babysitting! I don’t have access to it though but hope you do. Take care Chelsea, more later. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Ohhh wow. Thanks Sylvie.
I love these facts that your giving me.
It means alot to me to know more about Michael.
Thanks to everyone else too.

You need to get hold of a copy of the book - "Michael Bolton: The Passion, Secrets, Soul and Truths". See the link below for a really cheap copy in the UK.


Everything you would ever want to know about Michael is contained within the confinements of these paper prison pages!! Ha Ha!!

Seriously, its a great book for the MB fan who wants the 'nitty gritty' on Michael.

Hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XX
Hi Chelsea, Jennifer’s right about the book: it was written in collaboration with our own Gail! All right, today’s question. I’m still going with the questions on the blog I know the answers to. Someone asked if Michael would ever consider recording with Céline Dion. Well, I know for a fact that in a 1995 interview with this quebec interviewer Sonia Benezra, he said he’d love to sing with Céline: all they had to do was find the most beautifully devastating song! Now, he has sung with her on 2 occasions that I know of. First on the 1991 song “Voices that care” with a lot of other people:
Second, in 1993 I believe, he sang “Hold on I’m coming with her” on the Canadian Juno Awards, which are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards.
Well, there you go girl! BTW, Payten started a similar thread a while back, but she had specific questions, you might want to visit that thread.
. Feel free to ask questions Chelsea and we’ll see if we can help! Take care sweetie and have a great day! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sorry, Sylvie, but I didn't have anything to do with this book. This one was written by Joyce Logan, Layne Seeloff, Maggie Eaton and Liz Seib. I know them all and love them dearly but I didn't help with this one. There is another one that you may be thinking about that was sold by the fan club to raise money for MBC called "Heart and Soul-A Tribute to Michael Bolton". This was a collection of fans stories and other things relating to Michael we collected and put together.

The book Jennifer mentions is really the best for getting the facts on Michael...although remember it was published in 1997 so anything after that won't be in it. Gail


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