Michael kommt am 28.09.2013 in die deutsche TV-Show ,,Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel,, um 20.15 Uhr live im ZDF zugunsten der Deutschen Krebshilfe, die Sendung kommt aus Essen. (mehr Info´s unter www.tee-vee.de)

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below is translation of what Siegfried has posted..........
"Michael comes to the 28.09.2013 in the German TV show, welcome to Carmen Nebel, to 20.15 h live on ZDF German Cancer relief, the broadcast comes from food. (more info BB´s under www.tee-vee.de)"
Danke soviel Siegfried, für die Entsendung dieser Informationen und wird sicherlich untersuchen und ich hoffe wir können nur möglicherweise anzeigen und wenn nicht vielleicht jemand video auf Youtube gestellt werden.
I have thanked Siegfried for posting the information and said that hopefully video may appear on youtube.
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.
Ich habe sah unter Link Sie Siegfried gegeben haben, aber ich finde nichts, was Michael Bolton speziell erwähnt... können Sie vielleicht eine Datenzugriffsseite und Post hier???
I have said to Siegfried, although not terribly good translation, but that I have accessed his link but I cannot find anything which mentions Michael specifically and so have asked if he can access page and possibly he could place on here.
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Danke Brigitte G and below is the translation of the text in the link Brigitte has posted above.........................

"With an all-star cast, Carmen Nebel starts on September 28 with their Eurovisionsshow in the 2013/2014 season first sends the ZDF live from Essen. First confirmed guests include Michael Bolton, Max Raabe, Lou Bega and glass bead game...
Soon, the wait is over and "Welcome to Carmen Nebel" will return from the summer break. Traditionally is the first show in the character of the German Cancer aid. Again, the moderator collects lots of donations. But also the first guests to its broadcast debut in the grugahalle Essen Germany are now officially confirmed...
Now quickly get tickets!
Paris guest Michael Bolton, Max Herre, Lou Bega, Glasperlenspiel, the Hollies and the ensemble of the Lido Cabaret on September 28 in the popular music show. But certainly also the commitment of the one or other Schlagerstars will not long wait to. Tickets for the first Carmen Nebel show after the summer break are available at Eventim, by the way. For those who might not live, the ZDF broadcast live as usual from 20.15."
Am not 100% sure if Michael is appearing in Paris or in Essen but think will drop this off to Gail as it would appear tickets are already on sale and September isn't that far away and see of she can find out any information about.
Danke sehr viel in der Tat Brigitte für den Austausch, die verknüpfen und werde schicken Informationen zu Gail zu sehen, wenn sie etwas herausfinden kann vor allem wann Tickets bereits zum Verkauf... sind mehr so dass wir werben zeigen will keinen zu verpassen eine Michael Bolton-Show!!! lol
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

MB will be in Essen to perform on the show. Due to computer translation  the word "Paris" has been misplaced in sentence structure. The correct position is " the ensemble of the Lido Cabaret Paris". Too funny, LOL. I'll see if I'm able to attend the show and if, be sure to find me on the concert review thread soon after, LOL.

I wonder if his appearance in Essen is connected with the release of ANMHE in Germany ! Also, maybe he announces a German version of TSOIA, Gotta keep dreaming...


THANK YOU Astrid for coming in and keeping me on the "right path"....I'll get that German "lingo" one of these days !!!!!! LOL   I do so hope that you can get to the show and also hope all your dreams and wishes about ANMHE come true !!! :)

Vielen Dank also, soviel Astrid.. danke!!!
Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Thank you everyone for all the links etc. Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi Sylvie,

what do you think - time for another duet or two with Helene Fischer? I think there are good chances for her to appear on the european version of ANMHE...

(Still got internet issues, I hope this reply will do it!)


Hallo Astrid, I'm having trouble reading the articles, but I'm all for Michael doing more duets with Helene! :D Take care sweetie and hope you'll let us know if you attend anything. :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hallo Siegfried,

danke für's Posten! Viele Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet,


Is anybody going to attend the show in Essen, Germany?

Maybe Astrid?


Michael is no longer appearing on this show.  Sorry!


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