Michael kommt am 28.09.2013 in die deutsche TV-Show ,,Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel,, um 20.15 Uhr live im ZDF zugunsten der Deutschen Krebshilfe, die Sendung kommt aus Essen. (mehr Info´s unter www.tee-vee.de)

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Hi Gail,

oh, how sad! I already prepared myself to spend this weekend in Essen and was so looking forward to see MB on this show. Well, I'm sure he misses an audience which would have loved to have him there and he misses meeting an interesting city. Again, what a pity...

Do you have any idea if MB thinks of being a part of other charity German TV which usually are planned before Christmas?

Anyway, thanks for letting us/me now that early so that I can reconsider my plans. Have a nice Sunday,


As of right now I dont' have any info.   If I get anything I'll post immediately.  Gail

Thank you Gail!


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