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Grazie, grazie, grazie certainly have your finger on the pulse !!!!!!!!! :)      How did you find such an article from an English newspaper out you work for the press association !!!!! LOL    You will note that I have said "English" because the Daily Express is an English newspaper as we have here in Scotland our own Scottish Daily Express and there is one furious MB fan sitting in Scotland for the article is not in the Scottish edition for we have Elton John and Paul McCartney so, obviously, once again Cristina I say grazie to you for finding and posting that article on here !!! :)    The Wee One is now away to put a comment somewhere in the Scottish Daily Express pages ......I will check some Scottish newspapers and see if anything in them !!


Sylvia.   La tua amica wee Scottish

You know we do have a lot to be thankful for in life as I have just found again today and so I thank a woman I worked with a million years ago who instilled in me the maxim that if something doesn't look right, double check it and so I double checked the Express newspapers pages and I have found the link to the MB article through the Scottish Daily Express website and so I will buy the paper today and see if it is in BEFORE I, Sylvia actually not "jumping the gun"  for once......need to keep that maxim in mind a bit more you all agree ????? ROFL.


Sylvia.    Your wee "hot headed" friend from Scotland

I had lost this as many things I seen here... much time spent on work and fb... Cristina is a big fan, we don't need fb for speak, we use simply the telephone...:D Grazie Cristina sei unica!

Molti grazi Cristina! That was a pretty good article and I found more MB articles from that page so that was pretty cool, thanks again for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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