TARYN AND ROBBIE HAVE ANNOUNCED THE BIRTH OF THEIR SECOND DAUGHTER, OLIVIA GWEN, A LITTLE SISTER FOR AMELIA ROSE AND ANOTHER GRANDDAUGHTER FOR MICHAEL AND MAUREEN.........I believe no one will disagree when I say that we all wish them every good fortune and may this little one bring them nothing but joy, fun and laughter and fill their lives with all the love their hearts can ever hold - congratulations to Robbie and Taryn !!



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Glad to hear that then Gail .Think it's easy to run away & post  stuff but think for these types of personal things people should remember to check beforehand .xx

I have to admit, it would have been a lovely experience for us  if Michael had been the first one to post his news on here.


I would have loved to have read and felt the excitement in his words and visualise the smile on his face and the joy in his heart. 


He must be so excited to be a Grand Father all over again. He is so going to dote on these two small lasses. Lucky, lucky girls!!


Can you imagine.....this christmas day with all of Michaels girls?? (Hey there's a great name for a girl band!!) I'd love to see the size of the parcel piles!! Ha Ha!!



Congratulations to Michael, Taryn, Robbie, Amelia, Isa and Holly!!! How exciting! Not one beautiful angel, bot now too! Such a beautiful name!! Olivia is such a doll!! Congratulations to the family!!! Xx

Congratulations to All  !!!

 I'm glad to hear so good news.

Take care


Congratulations to Taryn, Robbie a baby sister for Amelia and welcome to Olivia. 

Congratulations to Michael Grandfather again you now have 5 beautiful girls to cherish.  I too have become a grandparent for the first time. My grandson Aiden is now 3 months old and growing fast.

The good thing about being a grandma is that I get all the good bits and fun and can give them back to mum and dad when I'm tired.


WELCOME to the forum Janet....great to have you with us and thanks too for sharing the news about your Grandson and hope you have a wonderful time with him and enjoy every moment but too, as you say, it is wonderful to know it is not for keeps and you can hand back over !!! :)

It is lovely news about Taryn and Robbie now having two daughters and at least now Robbie will be able to sympathize with Michael in knowing exactly what it is like to be surrounded by the female of the species !!! :)   Just hoping that before too long we may get some official photos published of Olivia and hopefully Amelia too so that we can see that beam of pride from Michael with his two Granddaughters !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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