I've been asked to find out what you would like to see on the site from Michael to help you feel more connected as a fan.  He is going to try to blog more often from all the places he is going and I believe he is going to try to post some pictures but anything else (please keep it to things really workable and attainable).  Post in this thread so I know where to find your responses and can pass them on.  Thanks!  Gail

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Yeah, more blog posts! And actually, I wasn't kidding about the tour photographer. It would be cool to get to see lots of photos from all these fantastic places Michael and the band have been going to! And since Michael wouldn't have time to do it all, a tour photographer slot is kind of a no-brainer! (And I AM available for the job!! :)
I thought that was where you were going Jan!!LOL Michael has mentioned several times that they were going to try to post pictures from the tour....but doesn't hurt to remind people! His last blog mentions it as well.
Hi Gail,
I love the fact that Michael is blogging to me it feels special.
I would love for him to tell us where he's been and how he has/had spent his time in each country.
I don't mean tell us in advance what he is up to (for security reason) but once he has been and done something.

For example he could say:

Guys when your in Brisbane you really should go to the Museum it's wonderful and perhaps include a picture
or I went to Southbank and there's a great little coffee shop called "Whatever"
Am I asking too much

Love Dianna xxx
I think a video blog would be awesome. Most laptops and even my netbook come with webcams!
Video blog would be great every once in a while .Richard marx does this and they are great fun.xx
Hey Gail, I enjoy reading his blogs very much.. I agree with pictures from the road being a great way for us all to feel like we are along for the tour. Just hearing more from Michael makes me feel connected.

Could there be a way for us to submit questions directly for MB to answer from the road about his tour? That may be too time consuming but just a thought. Almost like having a conversation in a way, him answering questions back here in his blog posts?

Thanks for asking!
Robin :)
Robin we're on the same wave length I was just going though the off topic section and wondering if the Questions we like to ask Michael was here on the new forum but it isn't :(
But it would be nice if we could ask Michael question's ( as long as they weren't personal or rude and he felt comfortable with them)

Love Dianna xxx
Hey Dianna, Great minds thinking alike. :) YES as long as they are appropriate questions he's comfortable with of course. I agree with you!!!!!
Robin :)
yeah that would be great :-)
I agree totally with all the suggestions that the girls have offered so far. I love the video blog idea, great idea Janniche.

I really love Jan's idea about a tour photographer...I am also available for the position!! Tee Hee!! Jan, I'll fight you for it!! XX

I also have a few suggestions of my own to add.

I would also love it if Michael would blog about some of the comments we've made on here like the photographs we've taken, topics that are currently running etc.. I know this is quite a big ask but the ocassional remark would go along way to prove tha he does read the site when he is able to and if our photographs are good enough, perhaps the ycould be featured somewhere on here with comments from Michael about them/

Perhaps Michael could launch a few competitions for signed items just like in the old On line updates days when CD's calenders etc were on offer to win etc..Perhaps even items that Michael has worn. ie shirts (even if they have holes in them where the belt buckle has rubbed!! Ha Ha!! Does anyone remember that story??)

How about organising sales of Michael related items that we could buy like T-shirts, mugs, baseball caps, pens, thermal cups, watches, bracelets etc... that are different from the ones on sale at concerts. Or when people make Michael items, the ycould be advertised on here, like the lovely calendars and diarys etc..

What about blogs and photographs from the band members too? That would make them feel more a part of our 'Michael family' like Jason, Tre, Janis and Chris were and we could get to know them quicker. I know theres facebook, but this would mean more to us if it were on here.

Dianna, your idea is a fantastic one about making a comment about the places Michael has been too. I love it!! We'dall be booking our holidays to visit the coffee shops etc.. wouldnt we?

What about Michael commenting on the interviews he does and perhaps even saying a hello to us all on here 'collectively' occassionally during at interview ie 'Hello to the guys on the Michael forum' etc..

How about a few recordings that we can use as phone or computer messages? Like-

'Hello, this Michael Bolton and I'm answering this phone because the owner is busy, leave me your message and I'll pass it on'. (I know theres a similar answer phne message so this one is just an idea) Or, 'Hey, welcome back, you know I've missed you, dont you?'

I love Robins idea of answering questions, but how about taking it one step further and having a chat session again?? Yaaay!!! Or perhaps Michael could answer one fan question per week or per month if we submit them by a certain deadline?

Oh my goodness, I'm getting excited at the trhought of some of these!! Ha Ha!!

Just thank you Michael for whichever ideas you choose, we really appreciate you asking us for our input.

love Jennifer XXX
Love it Jenn ,you always come up with the best ideas (i have no imagination what so ever lol) xx
I like the idea of the online chats again, but with the fans on here.. Those were fun when we did them over the years, depending on time constraints on MB's end of course!

All these great ideas!!!LOL
Robin :)


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