I've been asked to find out what you would like to see on the site from Michael to help you feel more connected as a fan.  He is going to try to blog more often from all the places he is going and I believe he is going to try to post some pictures but anything else (please keep it to things really workable and attainable).  Post in this thread so I know where to find your responses and can pass them on.  Thanks!  Gail

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Hi, Gail and everyone
Thank you so much, you have great and
fantastic ideas. I love all of them !!!
And Jackie , I agree with you

Take care
I like random phone calls as time permits or a chance for Meet and Greets at venues in our areas that we could be chosen from on here...
Another far-fetched, but hopeful plea to Michael.

Drum roll, please ...

When those fabulous curls of yours are trimmed, it would be beyond my wildest dreams if you would gift a golden lock to one of your faithful followers!

Think about it, dear man...

Be safe in your journeys and enjoy every minute ot the adulation you so deserve.

Many thanks in advance for giving thought to all of our suggestions and dreams!
i love the idea of a chat session or answering questions. i would love anything interactive, anything that makes us feel that he is with us.
please also tell him i am missing him.:)
OMG Jackie, when you dream girl, you dream big... I'd even say "big big big"! lol In case you don't know what my quote is refering to, this is what Michael's dad used to say... He said that his dad used to say: "You're gonna be... big big big!", not just "big" but "big big big"... Michael's dad unfortunately never got to see Michael's success while it happened but he foresaw it... Michael used to quote his dad in early 90's interviews and I thought it was very sweet... Well Jackie, we can always dream! Wow, can you imagine waiting for that prize in the mail? Phew! :) Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Yes! The thought of stuffing a pillow with his hair so you can sniff it every night before bed is creepy :D I can't say I'm eagerly awaiting the postie with that little nugget.
Perfume?!? Don't you mean aftershave? He might have had long hair once but he is definitely all man - you just gotta look in all the right places ;)
What clubs does he go to? ;P
CLOSE? Try actually!
Lol. I have often joked about dressing like a mermaid and sitting by his private lake but how do I hide the camera?
Answers on a postcard to Whack-job, number 1 fruitloop avenue, stalkerville, another planet.
We are so gonna blend in! They'll never know we're there :D
Operation not stalking but lurking with intent is in full swing! I'll be Mickey to your Mikey. They'll never figure that out. We should speak in english because they'll expect klingon. And we will only use the toilet after dark so we don"t get caught with our tails over out shoulder.


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