I've been asked to find out what you would like to see on the site from Michael to help you feel more connected as a fan.  He is going to try to blog more often from all the places he is going and I believe he is going to try to post some pictures but anything else (please keep it to things really workable and attainable).  Post in this thread so I know where to find your responses and can pass them on.  Thanks!  Gail

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Bloody hell Jennifer!! How many hours in a day?!? I'll call you in the next couple of days.
Hey, you cheeky!! Ha Ha!!

....oh and not if I ring you first!!! Ha Ha!!

Love ya!

Jennifer XX
Live streaming video please!

photos from the Tour with fans!

Hi Jennifer, you’re full of ideas, aren’t you? Lol I love the video blog idea too! I agree that comments on people’s posts or photos would be nice but I think we have to be realistic: Michael’s time is limited. I think it would be great if there was a special section to the video section for interviews, because not all interviews are available to all countries, although I’m not sure it’s feasible because of copyrights. I do like the idea of Michael picking at random a question from the fans per week or whatever to respond to! The idea of contests for signed items is great too but I believe the special ones like you’ve mentioned Jen would be more suited for the charity event. I do love the merchandise idea though! Although frankly, even merchandise from the concerts would be great to be able to buy on-line: not all of us can afford going to several concerts or have one in our area, you know what I mean? I applaud your suggestion about the blog from the band members and you’re absolutely right Jennifer! Right now, I can’t think of anything else but I’m just glad he’s blogging more often and we can truly feel in his words that he’s appreciative of the response from his fans, God bless him! I loved it that he included the bit about the birthday party in his last blog: that’s a slice of life! Well Gail, please thank Michael for caring about what we want, we love him for it! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Ok...all of your suggestions so far are good ones. Keep them coming and at the end of the week I'm going to get them together and send them on. Please realize that all of your ideas may not be feasible or workable now but over time hopefully, most can be implemented. I wanted to be sure this request was from Michael and not management or website people. I was asked to ask you guys because he wanted to now what everybody wanted to feel more connected. Gail
Thanks Gail, I tried to post at lunch but got a message the forum was undergoing maintenance.. Lots of great ideas here, but again we do have to be realistic like Sylvie has said. His time is valuable and if it gets too complicated for him or staff while he's traveling, it's going to be too much to handle. Hopefully some of the suggestions can be done! Great pot of ideas for them them to think about so far!!! :)

I am not sure if I can see video messages, I cannot get high speed Internet where I live that's not expensive. So that would leave me out.. At least with the blog I can read it and hear from him that way..
Robin :)
Not really, only thing that works is Youtube after they buffer for a spell. Then they play through.
Thanks for asking!
Good idea!!! Thanks, it's good to brainstorm all these things isn't it!! Appreciate the ideas everyone is coming up with this and that!!LOL Maybe a link her to the Youtube and it can just play from there?

Robin :)
Hey Gail, thanks for letting us know, I was wondering about that myself this morning. How amazing is he? :) I don't know what it is about this tour, but something is certainly working for him... I guess this is his way of thanking us for the support, God bless him! As I've said before, he says we're the best fans in the world and he deserves the best! Take care and thanks again sweetie! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Yes I agree, he's really wanting to please us. I mentioned this forum in the recent phone call from the contest and he was glad to hear the forum was working. He seemed happy when I told him we all are having a great time on here and connecting with each other around the world. He liked hearing that and with positive feedback about it from fans maybe that helped get this ball rolling. Dianna told him recently too and she said how he smiled. Good stuff!!!!!!:)
Robin :)
Thanks for letting us know about this Gail. There have been some really good suggestions, I would like to see an on line store of some kind to enable us to buy some of the merchandise from concerts and love the video blog idea too. It's good to know Michael cares enough to ask for our input.



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