Michael wil be on 2GB Alan Jones from Sydney on Monday - there's a listen live link
here www.2gb.com

On air at 3:10pm Sunday Pacific Time / 6:10pm Eastern Time



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Well, the interview, as everyone knows, was on after 1 p.m. west coast time, 4 p.m. East coast time&9 a.m. Monday Australia time. Wow! Time can get confusing. The folks in the UK changed a couple weeks ago or last week, I'm not sure. Remember Australia is in their spring; we're in our fall. What was cool was I was checking my tweets&there was one at 1:47 a.m. but a few tweets later, it was 1:17 a.m. as we went back from 2 to 1 as we all did. :))))))) Wanna talk about confusion? Well, there's a good song by E L O (Electric Light Orchestra called "Confusion." Enough of me but Gail,&everyone, thanks for everything. Boltonnut from L. A. CA USA


I've managed to get the player working and listening to Andrew Moore at the moment, it's 5am there. Looks like I'll be listening to Alan Jones this evening! :)  But I don't understand why they'd have Michael on so early in the morning (in Australia). Unless it's towards the end of the show (9am).

Alan Jones does have 'highlights' at 8pm to 9pm (Australian time) so if anyone misses it, hopefully they'll play it again then. You just need to work out what time that will be depending where you live.


di (Scotland) xxx

Morning everyone LOL!

Having a coffee and waiting, because Diane you are so right how many of us over here even know Michael is on the radio at this hour.

Alan Jones is quite well known over here and I was even surprised he had the early shift anyway I will enjoy the coffee and see what happens

Love Dianna xxx

Ok People have rung the radio Station and asked and YES Michael will be on after 8am :)

At least that's not such a bad time for him and people will get to hear him on there way to work so that's all good

Need another coffee LOL!

Love Dianna xxx

Good grief, does our Michael want to be longed for or what?  Lol Well, that would be 4:00 my time EDT. I have time to go rake leaves after lunch and see you here in about 1 ½ hour! Take care girls and happy listening! Now Dianna enjoy that coffee for me and Sylvia, try not to fall asleep! :D Talk to you later. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Morning Dianna .....I have finished my dinner for two and the bottle of wine is slowly getting emptied...OMG that MB doesn't half like his wine and the funny thing is too it is all the way from Australia for it is a Rosemount Reserve chardonnay !! lol.   Must admit though I wonder if he is going to be on this morning or if it is the programme that starts at 3.00 p.m. in the afternoon with Ben Fordham called Sydney Live - sounds more realistic to me !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh great Dianna - that is wonderful news....thanks a million !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Good morning Dianna!

So far I haven't heard anyone mention Michael at all, but then they wouldn't this early.  Hopefully it'll be nearer to 9am when more people will be listening ... apart from us! lol

Okay, somewhere I made a coffee so off to find it.

di (Scotland) xxx

I can't believe Michael will even be awake

I know he is in Sydney Australia and I think he arrived yesterday he's on x-factor tomorrow night so I will watch that as well although I have never watched and episode LOL!

My hairdresser talks to me about it every time I go though so next time I see her I will be able to talk to her about it :)

Love Dianna xxx

Good morning Diana!

Thanks! I'm listening and waiting!

Take care, Nicolette xx

Morning Ladies I think there will be a few of us listening :)

I have also posted the link on facebook

It's 6.35am here now

Love Dianna xxx


Great hearing all the adverts for his show in Sydney next year - they are well done !! :)   The picture taken of him going through airport yesterday morning is good and they said he was in fine form and laughing  and smiling and talking to reporters and they were there to see Susan Boyle arriving and seemingly she was hustled away in tears and had been cursing a swearing and arguing with people all throughout the flight from Scotland.....I hope if Michael meets her he can calm her down and give her some hints as to how to "cool it baby !" LOL.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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