Michael Bolton, the ole man...Come on whoever!  This vibrant singer, father of three beautiful girls is anything but OLD.....Black belt, who sings like an angel....Yeah, his concerts are A1+++....Anyone who helps needy children in the places he visits is #1 in my book. GO MICHAEL, knock their socks off tonight on DWS....If anyone can do this job, he CAN....Icon in our time....Signed, a diehard fan,,,Linda M

,,,,,^. .*

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Hi Linda and welcome to the forum. Listen, first of all, I could not agree more on all counts. I just wanted to let you know that there's a thread set up for all DWTS exchanges, right here:
and this comment is on page 79! lol We're all having a field day here, voting our fingers off and discussing all there is to discuss... I understand you're new here and you might not know where to look for discussions. Please join us! Take care Linda and again welcome! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
You're most welcome! Have a habit of standing up for what I think is right.....Glad to see others from ship sailing same course!....Really excited to find this group. And don't cross both hands with your fingers, that's bad luck! ha ha,,,,,,,Thank You! Hugs back atcha.....Linda ^. .^


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