Michael was in top form and looked great when he performed "Murder My Heart" on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I wish he would have had time to sit and chat with Jay for a short while, too....maybe next time! I hope everyone was able to watch. If not, nbc.com usually streams the shows on their web site.


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If you have Sky tv in the UK Jay leno is on now ,Just seen it when was surfing the channels .Hope some of you can catch it .xx
Hi Helen, God bless you for uploading that sweetie! I stayed up to watch the show but had cable trouble, right before Michael came on. This was a fantastic performance, thanks again for posting! Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi everyone.. I added a video of Michael on the Tonight show last night. I added it under Videos - My Videos. I am not sure how others get to it. He is always so yummy!

If someone from Spain is interested, it will be broadcasted here in Digital Plus, channel 73, CNBC, from 00.00 until 00.45.
Was too short ,Pity they didnt chat .Have to say missed Chris and the rest of the guys but the guitar player made me laugh with the faces he was pulling ,lol
Thank you so much for sharing this video clip with us Carol.

Wasnt it lovely to see Michaels band ( well a couple of them) on stage with him. Thats quite unusual isnt it? He usually uses session players doesnt he for appearances such as this.

Woukld have been great if he'd had a small section with Jay having a chat. One time he was on there they had such a laugh.

Thank you again, I really enjoyed it.

Love Jennifer XX
Thanks yet again for that great quality video,I had spent hours yesterday looking for a decent clip.it is a pity that Michael didnt do an interview,but i guess its better then nothing.
Actually the girl on the right hand side is the very talented Laura Jane Jones,who is Enrique Iglesias`s main background singer ;)


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