Dont you think that Michael looks like Barry Manilow in this photo? Or is it just me then? Ha Ha!


Look how the 'pilot glasses' are back in fashion!!!


Love Jennifer XX

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There is no comparison to Barry and Michael,
I have seen this photo before, I know the neck anywhere and anytime, this is Michael. I would love to make out with that man's neck forever!!!

I knew you'd recognise him Kellie!!

How old do you reckon Michael is in this photograph?

Good to see you are still on here sweetie.

Sending you love,

Love Jennifer XXXX
Hi Jennifer,
This could be a good contest? How old is Michael in this photo?

I am not sure really, I do think he is one fine looking man at any age, but you have to know that I will always say that!!!
My guess is 34 or so. I think the article said something like 44 maybe and I said no way!! LOL

Sorry, but this isn't Michael.... and, if you think if it is, and think MB would be around 32 yrs old when it was taken....nope, that would mean this picture was taken in 1985, at which time, Michael's hair was long.

Ditto Anna!
Robin :)
Thank you so much, Robin! I'm just trying to get this cleared up.

Love ya,
I know you are girl!
Robin :)
Me? I'm just confused!! Ha Ha!!

I still cant find the blooming site where I found the photograph, which is really REALLY annoying the hell out of me!!

All I know is that the site said it was Michael, and at first I wasnt sure if it was, but now.........

I'm just very confused!! :)

Love Jennifer XXX
I personally dont remember 'Soap' but my Grandma told me about it! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Yes, I do, really remember it. I didnt watch it, but do seem to remember a funny looking man and an older woman who used to appear in the introduction to the program.

It was the story of the Cambell family and two sisters spelt out over 93 episodes of 30 minutes duration. ABC 1977-81.

"The story of two sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell..."

"Confused? You won't be..."

..............yes, I am still confused, but I do personally believe that the photo is of Michael I have no idea of his age and nor do I care. Its just a great photo and one that I hadnt seen before. Ha Ha!!

Perhaps I should ask Michael himself in November to see if he recognises himself? It would be funny if he didnt know if it was him wouldnt it?

Love Jennifer XXXX
Hi Jennifer,

Well l have looked, and looked at this photo, and l don't think the pic looks anything like Barry Manilow.... but the nose and lips look like Michael's..... but l have to tell you.... you were in my dream last nite... so was Michael, a dog and two kids! lol, and he's hair was long.... but so needed the roots doing... it made me laugh when l woke up this morning. Why do we have such weird dreams! lol,
Would so love to know who the photo is of though........ Ben stiller in make up! lol

Best wishes
Carol (London)
Woah!! Stroll on there sister!! I know you love me but dreaming about me???


Seriously, what was I doing with Michael a dog and two children? Were we cuddling up? If we were, thats fine with me!!

Hmmm, I'm intrigued now.....spill lady spill!!!

Love Jennifer XXXX

PS Ben Stiller in makeup? Thats a good one and a possibility??
Hi Juliet,
I do know that this pic is of Our Man, but if we get started on weird dreams, you already know what's gonna happen! Am I right__ Caro??
But wait just a minute, I do have one recurring dream of Michael too. But we were only friends at the time and I Love this dream...

His Girfriend For Life!! QQ
I know, how could I ever have this one person, who did this to me?? Well I have to say, blame it all on LOVE!!!



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