"SONGS OF CINEMA" ... all discussions and REVIEWS welcome !!!

Following is part of old description for thread when concept for album was first mentioned, by Michael, in 2015 and this thread was started. Decided to leave as little bit of history and insight for those interested and might not have seen all our "discussions" leading up to this wonderful day.  Pages 1 - 27 contain old material so please head to page 28 for all the new stuff and also check out new description, contained below starting at "Please go to ......."

 "Here is Michael's announcement about his new album concept and I warn you it is more than UNIQUE.   Michael has recorded a video which I hope everyone can see and hear okay on this link and then after looking and listening to it I believe there will be plenty of discussion so I am not going to elaborate too much right now.......  


Here is what Michael has posted below video and it gives you link into second page which contains information about all the "packages" you can purchase to become a part of this new concept and partake in the making of the album.


"Hi everyone!!! You’ve been asking and the time has finally come to announce plans for my brand new studio album via smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM. I’m inviting you in on the journey from concept to completion. Hopefully it will challenge and inspire you as much as it does me, and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with! Here's how it works! When you pre-order the album, you automatically get access to all kinds of behind the scenes pics, videos and other updates from me during the recording sessions. I've also created some new merch and will offer a few select personal experiences – everything from personalized lyric sheets and live birthday greetings, to in-studio visits and concert VIP packages. Go check it out!! smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM"


Please go to page 28 for start of UPDATED version of thread and where you can leave review and join in discussion

 As it is now 10th FEBRUARY and Michael's new CD "SONGS OF CINEMA" has been released am updating this page/thread so that everyone can come together and join in discussion and leave review of CD.   

Please remember rules of website .... anything distasteful or vulgar will be removed.

Now let's have some FUN and share our thoughts on this, to me, OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, work of art which is heading straight to #1 !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


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He already signed them from what he tweeted out yesterday. It's between his management and PledgeMusic to now get them out to everyone.  MB did his part! LOL

I got another copy so I had it on release day. It's a tradition for me, to get his CD on the day it comes out.  So I got another one from Amazon. Our stores here have it by now too I think, Walmart and FYE etc.

Enjoy the CD everyone. I love it!

Robin in MD :)

Hi again ladies.....I was just wondering, I guess most have e-mail service these days and I did receive before each shipment, you might check the tracking info on your e-mails. The signed cd is to arrive on Monday my way the tracking info says but sometimes arrivals can be early too as the first cd was yesterday so be watching your e-mails from Pledge and your home mail box.

Mary, MB said early on IWALY would have a slightly different twist and it does, I think you will love it Mary. They both sound so sweet singing the song together......enjoy Mary :) Hugs,

Kathy T. :)

Since I'm not here much just wanted to vent once, Michael's Big Fat Valentines Day special was a dud to me very lame jokes. Couldn't watch it all but wait there is more! Michael's new CD is great love Stand by me, I Will Always Love You, I Heard Through The Grapevine. Pledge Music doesn't exist to me hope Michael goes in a different direction on any future music project. Pledge Music was not fan friendly to me glad to read some other fans feel this way.

Hi Jimmy and great to see you on here !!! :) 

Sorry you didn't like the Special but as with everything in life, if we all liked the same things equally, it would be a boring place to be in, for sure !!! lol

Glad you are enjoying the CD and I believe it is one of his BEST .... certainly beats, hands down, the last few for me, oooooops maybe I shouldn't admit that !!!! LOL  What I found in recent CD's was I ended up having favourites and just wanted to play those but with this one .....every one is a favourite, no skipping one to get to another, WHOLE CD is on repeat.

On Pledge Music you should see some of the comments on FB....people not pleased, understatement !!!  To pot with all the talk about signed CD's the UNSIGNED ones haven't arrived yet.  What people are saying, you pre-order to get a preference and yet on day of release you don't have, so your preferential treatment which you are entitled to, has not been upheld, when people can walk into a store and buy before you get. As is also being said, who is going to bother about pre-ordering in the future.

Know it is different type of organisation but their distribution section should be running along very, very close parallel lines with somewhere like Amazon.  I pre-ordered Susan Boyle's CD from Amazon USA because it was released in US about three weeks before being released in UK.  I received the CD, from the USA, not any distribution centre here in UK, but postmarked USA, on day of release and as far as I'm concerned, that should have happened with MB's CD. 

I have checked all my orders that have been sent.  It shows they left Addison, Texas on 9th February and were being processed in Melrose Park, Illinois on 11th February.  No estimate for arrival or anything else.  They couldn't even get them to DHL distribution centre so they could have started processing on 10th !!!

I knew when saw e-mail from Pledge Music that would definitely not have for 10th so decided to pre-order from Amazon.  Placed order approx. 2.30 pm 9th February and my postman put it through letterbox at 9.30 am 10th February.  Ordered from Pledge Music (albeit difference of a signed one) on 15th August, 2015 and am still waiting for ..... think in anyone's book that raises questions !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hiya Jimmy, so good to read you on here! As far as the Netflix special goes, not everyone agrees on SNL-type humor and that’s okay, but at least, we got a preview of the CD and a terrific opportunity to see/hear Michael on “TV”.  As far as PledgeMusic goes, since I’m not on Facebook, Twitter etc, it was a wonderful way for me to keep in touch with Michael and I personally had a ball with the Q&A’s, especially since I got 1 or 2 replies directly from him. I admit it was confusing at times, especially for a blind girl and their distribution management seems simply unprofessional. In addition, I’m not a fan of paying $28 for a CD and couldn’t afford any of those great MB goodies they offered, but the bottom line is we all did help MBC. They say: you live, you learn. In any case,thanks for sharing your experience Jimmy, take good care and don’t be a stranger! :D Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


Just checked (again!) the internet for info about the new album or other versions and found that Amazon Japan has a second version out on 22nd of February which contains a bonus song ア・ソング・フォー・ユー (ボーナス・トラック) translated by Google as A Song For You. Leon Russell died in November 2016, so may be that song. As a movie song can be found from the movie Honeysuckle Rose 1980 sung by Willie Nelson.  

Original Japanese link

Google translation


Oh WOW Florin thanks for information and definitely going to check that one out......thanks a million !!! :)  Wonder if like "Gems" we'll all end up with ten copies for one additional song !!! LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


I cannot find a link on Amazon.japan that actually lets me pre-order it. Any help?  The link to pre-order won't do anything. I thought I found the correct item with the bonus track.  Any help is appreciated.


Robin in MD :)

I've just pre-ordered okay Robin and hope this link works for you okay.  Had put in before but realised wrong link for it was for import only..  One you have to pre-order is in the middle with no picture that is the Japanese one with extra song.  First one is import.


Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


Wow, thanks a lot for the link Sylvia, now I'm wondering how many releases there'll be and how many bonus/alternate international tracks... Take care Sylvia. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Florin, thanks so much for the info, great to read you on here! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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