"SONGS OF CINEMA" ... all discussions and REVIEWS welcome !!!

Following is part of old description for thread when concept for album was first mentioned, by Michael, in 2015 and this thread was started. Decided to leave as little bit of history and insight for those interested and might not have seen all our "discussions" leading up to this wonderful day.  Pages 1 - 27 contain old material so please head to page 28 for all the new stuff and also check out new description, contained below starting at "Please go to ......."

 "Here is Michael's announcement about his new album concept and I warn you it is more than UNIQUE.   Michael has recorded a video which I hope everyone can see and hear okay on this link and then after looking and listening to it I believe there will be plenty of discussion so I am not going to elaborate too much right now.......  


Here is what Michael has posted below video and it gives you link into second page which contains information about all the "packages" you can purchase to become a part of this new concept and partake in the making of the album.


"Hi everyone!!! You’ve been asking and the time has finally come to announce plans for my brand new studio album via smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM. I’m inviting you in on the journey from concept to completion. Hopefully it will challenge and inspire you as much as it does me, and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with! Here's how it works! When you pre-order the album, you automatically get access to all kinds of behind the scenes pics, videos and other updates from me during the recording sessions. I've also created some new merch and will offer a few select personal experiences – everything from personalized lyric sheets and live birthday greetings, to in-studio visits and concert VIP packages. Go check it out!! smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM"


Please go to page 28 for start of UPDATED version of thread and where you can leave review and join in discussion

 As it is now 10th FEBRUARY and Michael's new CD "SONGS OF CINEMA" has been released am updating this page/thread so that everyone can come together and join in discussion and leave review of CD.   

Please remember rules of website .... anything distasteful or vulgar will be removed.

Now let's have some FUN and share our thoughts on this, to me, OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, work of art which is heading straight to #1 !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


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I printed out my bank statement showing I paid for it.  Hopefully I either get the CD or my money so I can go buy a CD.

Have to wait and see what Pledge Music say but at least when you have the evidence in a Bank Statement hope they don't find a way to argue over that one.  Hope it all works out for you Joy !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Great Robin, pleased for you !!! :)  I'm sure glad I ordered onefrom Amazon because definitely no DHL deliveries here today and have listened to downloads on laptop and definitely NOT the same as on stereo, definitely not !!! LOL

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


YES sound on the disc is sure better than any download I think.  Been playing it a lot as I home today so can play it in the house as loud as I want while hubby at work! LOL

Unfortunately the signed CD's from Pledge may take weeks. Lettie from PledgeMusic also replied to my email I sent a few days ago and said they didn't have enough from the artist team so they hope to get the signed copies out in a few "weeks!". Made it sound like they are waiting to get more signed ones from MB's Management.. Bummer...  Sorry to say..  It's disappointing for those of us that participated on PledgeMusic I think.. Just my two cents.. I love the CD and am thrilled to get a copy in the mail on release day from Amazon.com.  

Party on everyone Rockin to Songs of Cinema! LOL

Robin in MD :)

It is bad and certainly a bit of mis-management somewhere down the line.  What don't understand with it is, surely, someone like you, who ordered at beginning, would have been first in line to get sent out for would have thought they would have had a systematic set up for rolling them out, i.e. what your order number was. Can understand them running out if because, maybe with Netflix Special, an increase in demand but if something like that has happened, they are the ones that should be waiting not anybody that order in August, 2015.  Started to wonder what they were doing yesterday because people who said they received e-mails way before me I know ordered a lot later than me. For first signed CD I ordered was in August, 2015 and yet people I know who didn't order until late on in 2016 all had e-mails saying shipped long in the day before mine arrived......realise now how it happened and it is because their system is haphazard. Maybe they need to go visit Amazon distribution centre and get a few tips.  Personally, I don't know how Amazon work but for me it is miraculous the way get stuff out to you., love it !!! 

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


I know Sylvia, I thought the pledgers would get theirs first and I did order my signed CD the first day it all came out in August, 2015 and for my name in liner notes that day too.. They then said we'd get signed CD's for doing so also and I thought they were to be personalized, someone asked on the discussion page on PledgeMusic way back.. But who knows. I just hope its not too much longer in reality.  They recently put up for the Signed Vinyl, which I ordered one more recently, those will come in April.. we can only hope! :)

Yes Amazon is the BEST!!!! My CD came today no problem..and before lunch!!!!

Robin in MD :)

I have been anticipating the release of the new CD for weeks now. After all, I ordered (and paid for!) my copy in August, 2016 (six months ago). Each day leading up to today, I have been anxiously awaiting my mail delivery. I didn't receive my CD yesterday. I thought because of the snow storm. Now when I haven't received it today either, I have decided to do a little investigative research. I am extremely disappointed to learn that it will be several weeks before it is shipped out. Wow! I can't be more disappointed then I am right now. There is just no excuse for this. So, do I head to the store to buy another one? I shouldn't have to. After all, it is released today in stores. Do I wait to see him in concert and just buy one at the merchandise table? I shouldn't have to. Do I cancel my Pledge Music order? I shouldn't have to. For me, the entire idea of ordering in August, 2016 was that I would have the CD today and now I don't.

I can't help but feel disappointed in the artist, the management team, and Pledge Music. Now I will spend the rest of my day without the music that I so looked forward to receiving.


Hi Diane, I am so sorry for you and all other ladies who have to wait for their CDs. I can only hope that the CDs will arrive much earlier than it is expected now. Heartfelt greetings from Germany, Astrid

If yours was a signed one it will take a bit longer. They evidently didn't anticipate the signed orders.  You can download the songs while you wait if you ordered the physical CD from Pledgemusic...you can now download. Gail

Thanks for the information, Gail. It's just very disappointing. Pledge Music should have been able to anticipate the orders. After all, this is what their business is. Many orders, including mine, were placed six months ago. Not six weeks ago. They send e-mails several times a week about offers for other artists. They have my e-mail. They should have sent an e-mail out to everyone that ordered explaining the delay. That would have been well received and appreciated. To not send any information is negligent. I should not have to follow MB on Twitter or any other social media to get this information from him. After all, Pledge Music is working for him and it is their responsibility to notify their customers.

Thanks again, Gail. I do appreciate the information you provided and all that you do.


Diane I don't believe any of this is Michael's fault either. I have no problem with MB, The delay seems to be

with Pledge Music. They dropped the ball way I see it.  Just my two cents.

I hope we all get the CD soon. I am grateful Amazon.com was able to get one to me by release day.  The CD is awesome!

Robin in MD :)

After watching the Grammy's tonite I am tempted to search for MB & Dolly's duet:)! But I will try to hold on for  when I get the cd, Oh So Tempted:)! Can't wait! And I just have to say, ADELLE & Michael should Duet someday, she has a powerful voice:)!

Mary (meg's mom)!


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