"SONGS OF CINEMA" ... all discussions and REVIEWS welcome !!!

Following is part of old description for thread when concept for album was first mentioned, by Michael, in 2015 and this thread was started. Decided to leave as little bit of history and insight for those interested and might not have seen all our "discussions" leading up to this wonderful day.  Pages 1 - 27 contain old material so please head to page 28 for all the new stuff and also check out new description, contained below starting at "Please go to ......."

 "Here is Michael's announcement about his new album concept and I warn you it is more than UNIQUE.   Michael has recorded a video which I hope everyone can see and hear okay on this link and then after looking and listening to it I believe there will be plenty of discussion so I am not going to elaborate too much right now.......  


Here is what Michael has posted below video and it gives you link into second page which contains information about all the "packages" you can purchase to become a part of this new concept and partake in the making of the album.


"Hi everyone!!! You’ve been asking and the time has finally come to announce plans for my brand new studio album via smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM. I’m inviting you in on the journey from concept to completion. Hopefully it will challenge and inspire you as much as it does me, and I can’t wait to see what we all come up with! Here's how it works! When you pre-order the album, you automatically get access to all kinds of behind the scenes pics, videos and other updates from me during the recording sessions. I've also created some new merch and will offer a few select personal experiences – everything from personalized lyric sheets and live birthday greetings, to in-studio visits and concert VIP packages. Go check it out!! smarturl.it/MichaelBoltonPM"


Please go to page 28 for start of UPDATED version of thread and where you can leave review and join in discussion

 As it is now 10th FEBRUARY and Michael's new CD "SONGS OF CINEMA" has been released am updating this page/thread so that everyone can come together and join in discussion and leave review of CD.   

Please remember rules of website .... anything distasteful or vulgar will be removed.

Now let's have some FUN and share our thoughts on this, to me, OUTSTANDING, BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC, work of art which is heading straight to #1 !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


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Thanks Diane for sharing with us and as you say not much !!!!!!!!!!   Just the usual, an employee being loyal, which you expect !!!!   Still don't see and never will, the connection between Michael signing the CD's and Pledge Music getting them out.  That is called management in a business which they are running and if they can't do that then they need help from those who know how to manage for if things are getting so much on top of them, which letter indicates, then help is required, either by more professional people being employed or cutting down on amount of work they are trying to produce.....basics of management !!!!

On distribution side I would love to know what tariff everything was sent out under and whatever tariff was used doesn't take a genius to work out how long things are going to take to arrive at destination.  JFI a girl in Thailand, whose signed CD was sent to DHL for distribution on 9th February has received it today 9th March ..... believe that speaks for itself.   I ordered Japanese version from Amazon Japan and it was sent for distribution on 21st February and I received in Scotland 24th February.....why couldn't same service have come other way from USA ..... tariff and who agreed that ???  Sorry to say and be exceptionally critical but would appear cheapest "they" could find and no account taken of fact pledgers were paying extra.....unsigned CD dearer through Pledge Music than other distributers.  What did we pay extra for ???

Thanks for share Diane, thanks !!!

Sylvia  Your wee Scottish friend


I think Pledge was not organized in getting cd's to MB in time and not thinking it all through. It was a funding source for the cd and to me the delivery was not planned well. Lack of communication somewhere between management and Pledge. Still thought batch for us with name in liner notes should have been priority. It was not done well and I think too many people in the mix to get them sent. MB did his part.His staff said he did and,MB tweeted he signed em all..I feel Pledge dropped the ball. They knew how many cd's sold and when release day was. I got my Amazon copy on release day..took it to NC 2 weeks,ago and MB signed and personalized it.. Then finally after I was home my 2 signed Pledge copies arrived. MB was not happy I know with Pledge as some fans paid for signed cds and got unsigned ones.

Just my 2 cents.

Robin in MD ;)

I've had a busy week and just want to pop back in and address my earlier post.

In the letter I sent to MBC I only included my home address as a way to respond to me.  I was surprised when I received an e-mail from CK (I will use MB's manager's initials) asking if I had sent a letter.  I responded that I had and asked if she needed a copy.  I couldn't believe that five days past before I heard anything more.  At that point, I reached out again to CK asking if she needed further information. Shortly after that, she responded with the e-mail I attached earlier.  (Evidently, she did some research to determine my e-mail.  I can understand that people communicate by e-mail in 2017, but that is not how I was expecting a response.)  My initial reaction to her response was not favorable.  I found it to be rude, insensitive, unapologetic, and unprofessional.  It is full of errors and typos, as well.  I have shared it with others and they have been shocked that the manager of a celebrity would respond to a fan in such a manner.

MB's staff knew his schedule, knew that he had to sign huge quantities of CDs and other items (hundreds and hundreds, as CK stated), and knew they had a deadline.  Of course, it's a challenging process but it's also one you signed up for.  It is basic management of a business.  You adjust schedules when possible, you make arrangements, you plan ahead, you contact the shipping companies, you get the job done, you meet your deadline. You get help if you need it.  You don't make excuses later about how hard it was to do.  

I have no complaint about the PledgeMusic platform.  I do have a complaint about not getting my signed CD by the release date. Whether that was written in writing or not, it was certainly the assumption through this platform.  When we didn't have our CDs by the release date many of us purchased from another vendor.  That really gave them no reason to rush.  Plus it increased their sales, which in business is always the ultimate goal anyhow.  For CK to share with me  that they signed on to PledgeMusic at their "own time and expense" is ridiculous.  Of course it is their time and expense.  Whose should it be?  Not mine.  I'm not an employee.  That is how promotion or advertising works.  Whether it be a shirt, a car, or a person; yes, promotion or advertising costs money and takes time.

Now I will provide you something to think about.  If you are overwhelmed in your position, perhaps you should move on.  There is always someone who can do it better.  


Hi Diane, my screen-reader can't read the picture of CK's message, but thanks very much for sharing all details. Take good care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Thanks, Sylvie!

I'm sure I got a little crazy for some, but I had to get this off my mind!  I feel better now!  LOL

Take care,


Have only just found out you had come back on Diane because Sylvie has responded and got notification about that but not that you had been on ..... thought those gremlins, on not getting notifications, were starting to find their way out but apparently not !!!! LOL

Just wanted to say I agree with what you have said.  As I said in earlier post, basic management in business.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Hi girls and just to say I have received t-shirt.  Don't really know how to proceed except to say, in my humble opinion, it is awful.  Nothing like tour shirts and nothing like any other item of clothing I've bought that has something added to it (if that makes sense to you !!)  

For starters, when I opened and removed from envelope I actually thought there was a piece of cardboard packed inside to help keep the shape ... there was not !!!  What felt like cardboard is the picture on the t-shirt for it is a picture that has been stuck/glued/whatever onto back of t-shirt.  It has not been incorporated into the material.  You cannot fold/bunch up back to get t-shirt over head as too rigid, apart from, you're bending and creasing the picture.  When on, all you can feel is a square block on your back and every time you move all you hear is it creaking and groaning.  Have no conception of how it will wash because would definitely say, although cotton, a washing machine will soon ruin it and believe too, hand washing could well cause cracks and creases to appear which will eventually wear the pic away.  Also material is not of the quality which the previous two tour shirts were made of and certainly not from year's gone by tour shirts ... they are superb in comparison and I have quite a few folks for that comparison to be made.  This one will be folded and put away in a drawer and will see how it fairs with that being done to it !!!! LOL  One alternative is to cut the picture out for it is beautiful and has a silky sheen to it, however it has been prepared, and frame it..... just a suggestion !!!!!!! LOL

Sorry to be so negative but I was so looking forward to getting the t-shirt but big disappointment for sure......thank goodness the CD itself makes up for !!!

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


Oh dear. That sounds awful about the way the shirts were done. I never saw shirts made that way....I did not get any. I am sorry they are not made well.

That is a shame.

Robin in MD. Praying my signed vinyl copy of the album comes safely in April.

Hi ladies, I’m really sorry to hear about how simply unprofessional PledgeMusic was with merchandise, shipping etc and I do understand your frustration. I’m personally glad all I bought was an unsigned CD.  I just wanted to say that on the PledgeMusic receipt, nowhere did it say we were supposed to get our CD on the release date, so I don’t know where Gail’s source got their info. As far as the what we paid extra for, updates, clips and Q&As were for Michael’s charity. I’m sure this would sour anyone on dealing with PledgeMusic again which is a shame, but you live, you learn. Take good care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :)


Sorry to hear about the quality of the t-shirt and the way the picture was applied.  You did a great job in describing it!  It sounds terrible!  It's a shame you have to put it away in a drawer, because I'm sure you were looking forward to wearing it.  It sounds like it would be very uncomfortable to wear though.  Ugh!

I wonder who selected the quality of t-shirts that would be used and then who approved them.  Also, someone would have made a decision on the incorporation of the picture as well.  Probably some disgruntled employee that didn't care about the fans!  I don't think that would fall under a PledgeMusic responsibility.  They would, however, have provided the fulfillment center to ship them out.

It's okay to be negative.  Seems I've taken that role too!  You should never feel bad for expecting quality.  Just another failure in the PledgeMusic experience. 


Again, no notification about this post Diane just scrolling down from other have found.....oh dear !!!  Can I ask folk, is just me that is not getting notifications now ???????   

Other people have got t-shirt and all seem pleased with.  I have managed to get it "softer" but in doing so it is creased, okay it hasn't cracked as I thought it might but there is no way I would put an iron near it to take out the creases.  In crushing it it doesn't feel so bad on but it still makes a noise and can still feel square on back.....maybe I've got extra sensitive skin !!!! LOL  Have tried to read up on different methods used to apply pictures to material and am wondering if it is what they call silk screening because it definitely has a silky sheen to it but I have a cushion which has a picture of Michael sewn into it, not on it, and it is definitely silk but doesn't feel rigid way that this does and certainly does not crease.  I don't get it and don't get how it has been done at all......maybe one day I will find out.  Nephew should be visiting soon so will ask him if he has any idea.

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend


ciao a tutti sono cristina e scrivo dall italia .volevo sapere se qualcuno in italia  ha ricevuto il nuovo cd di michael. io purtroppo non ancora e avevo fatto il pagamento per il cd e la possibilita di aaccedere  agli aggiornamenti su pledgemusic a fine agosto del 2015.grazie .                                                             un caro saluto e un abbraccio cristina


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