Michael's QUESTION and ANSWER Session on Facebook, 3rd February, 2015

Michael did a Question and Answer Session live on Facebook on 3rd February, 2015 and below are those questions, along with answers, Michael replied to.  Below shows notification from Michael about this Q&A Session:

Hi Folks Michael has just sent below tweet about being on FACEBOOK today at 2.00 p.m. PST for a Q & A session.  Here is what is posted on FB.....

"Hey everyone!! I'm back in California and am going to be at Facebook on Tuesday at 2pm PST to do a live Q&A. So post YOUR questions below ... And make them fun!!"


Both FB and Twitter have photo attached and as FB one better will post that below.  

.....and here is his tweet from Twitter.......  · 


"I'm going to be at Facebook on Tuesday at 2pm PST to do a live Q&A. Post YOUR questions on Facebook & make them fun!!


Here is tweet and photo Michael posted whilst he was doing the Q&A Session.......

"Awesome time at the Facebook pop-up space today doing a live Q&A with my amazing fans from all over the world!"

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Question and answer.....

Shawn Cameron Can I marry one of ur daughters?

Question and answer......

Angela Gooden You probably won't reply to this, but i have just come out of hospital and would love you to just say Hi. Been a fan for 25 yrs + never got to see you in concert as yet because they have always been sold out. One day maybe i will get to see you. Love angie xxxxxxx

Question and answer....

Funmi Agbonson Taiwo Hi Michael, can u sing a love song for me?

Can't remember if I have already picked this one up or not ???

Question and answer......

Sven John Tolud I am a Fan and always when i hear a song of you it give me staight to go on in life or to be carefull in life, I am only wondering when you will release a new album wink emoticon
Question and answer......
Carol -London With all your beautiful grandchildren anymore thoughts of writing another childrens book ? ps The Albert Hall is waiting!

Question and answer.....

Dwayne Danny Levi Duncan Michael what inspired you to become a singer and what made you choose to sing soul as your chosen genre?

Question and answer......

Anne Webster Michael... You are successful singer.. Songwriter, but what other talents do you have.. Keep it clean!!

Question and answer.....

Michele Sanderson Hey Michael you always look so dam good smile emoticon What's your secret...?

Question and answer.....

Aneliz Siles Do you speak spanish?

Question and answer....

Martha McClanahan Pierce Of all foods, what's your guilty pleasure?

Told you there were a few I had missed......LOL    I reckon Michael answered about 70 questions.....not bad going !!! :)

Sylvia   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, 78 to be exact, phew! Thanks again for all your work Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


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