Hello everyone,but probably ,particularily long established U.K. -MBfans.

I would like to know if anyone of you(could imagine maybe Jennifer or  Wee one) have been- and even have photos and such- of a TV

appearance by Michael Bolton in a theatre in Whitehall/London in 1997.I  applied and had been given a free ticket then in the Church-Army Hostel,where I lived at the time,as I had become homeless relatively shortly after I came to the U.K. as I did not find the work I was then looking for(any work really),and was at the time in this hostel.Not only  would I like to know the exact date for my own memory,but also see this TV appearance,(where I was sitting in the last row in that relatively small theatre-so it was quite close)and Michael was singing live-but I cannot recall the song,maybe how am I supposed,... but I don't know.-He wore light blue jeans and shirt.and talked about his girls and I believe-Nicolette as well. Anyone can help me remember?


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Hi Angelica,


I can't remember the exact show but is the one you are thinking about when he was introduced after he had got his hair cut - it was the first time we had seen him in the UK with short hair and I have a funny feeling it was somebody like Des O'Connor and he had his own show then, I think !!   There was a big build up to Michael coming on and all about his hair and then when he came on he was laughing and the audience cheered and him and the presenter talked about his hair for ages  and Michael turned round and was showing the back off - is that the show you are thinking about ??  Trying to remember if it was Des O'Connor for I can see Michael clearly when he walked on but....the presenter !!!!   Did Des and Michael not sing a song together on that - OMG Angelica you have got my mind going - oh I will need to sit back and think about it !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

PEOPLE PLEASE JOG YOUR MEMORY! 1997(or 8)? because I was in that hostel ,then had to leave,then went back-,so it could have been beginning of 1998?It would help me a lot personally,if you could find the details of this appearance-I cannot remember the hair,but I am quite certain he did not sing Nessun Dorma,and I remember he wore light blue denims and a possibly white,but I think blue shirt.I don't know why I cannot remember the hair,but the trousers,I even think I can remember that he wore boots with them.I am sorry and a bit embarrassed about my memory and what I can and cannot remember-I hope it doesn't amount to something like a reputation.But-he sang alone,of this I am quite certain.Come on, you archivars,please find that  and possible more appearances at that time which I did not notice were.Thanks Love Angelica

(by the way,does LOL mean lots of love(or my boy lolipop?)I'm serious,I don't know

He did not sing Nessun Dorma,I think he sang" how am I supposed..",but as I cannot remember it he might as well have sung Nessun Dorma,I mix up imagination with reality possibly.Please find it. If there are photos,this would be great,and if we know the show we might even get a copy- of whatever channel it was which recorded it.And on that occasion when he was here (London),U.K. then,what else did he do(I mean professionally-it's too  long ago to interest myself for private details,which I am now very interested in and I hope that this will fade away),but did he play a concert then?

Hi Juliet,I don't think this will"put an end to it" as Wee one remembers  him standing and laughing with Des O'Connor and she can remember Michael CLEARLY  when he walked on(with hope in his heart ,I suppose).So I don't know.Maybe he did  a Des O'Connor show as well,I loved Des and Mel(as I think Melanie Sykes is an extremely charming and good looking girl/woman),but I cannot recall seeing him on any of their shows then,neither have I heard of him coming or being in the U.K. before his concert in the Royal Alberthall in 2009,where I did not go deliberately,as it was only a day(I think) after the "Women in Rock" concert(which was on the 1st of November 2009) where in unchanneled grief I threw myself wailing onto the picture of Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor and I could not face the prospect of going to the Royal Alberthall literally the next day? I think.

Anyway,meanwhile I looked through the recent  pics you made of CT and NY,thanks for uploading them,they are good quality and many of them,and some very good ones.You say there are pictures from that 1998 Jack Docherty show? Could we see them somehow,it sounded as if you were in contact with Michael's mum Helen,or did I misread something here? Anyway,since apparently Wee one remembers things clearly and I have some memories it would be great to have these mysteries unfold now. Love   Angelica

thank you Juliet,this is very helpful

Wee one,hello,there is something else I'd like u to remember.Apparently he was in Edinburg for a considerable time where he wrote a childrens

book.When was that and was he always on his own ,and since when is he travelling so excessively?.I hope Iam not getting into hell's kitchen now with my questions and thoughts ,but he himself said -if I got that right- that he is touring like that for 20 years.There is no suggestion that I want to minimize how great a daddy he is,but with that kind of schedule could there have been the time at the same time to be a fulltime father?Really,you fans seem to be happy to not know it so exactly and just be interested in him as an artist-and I understand that from my own approach to other artists'works which interest me-but at the same time you  seek a contact with him when u go to the concerts with presents and the hope he talks a few words with u and......well I am sorry to say that since the 23rd of November 2010 I feel like a lovelorn teenager,which of course I am not(a teenager) and my feelings even got stronger with the time that passed  and these are unprofessional feelings with a realityloss attached to it and I hope that I find myself another subject of interest to deflect from these feelings.However,when I am onto something I want more information as I want to understand and know as much as possible.O.k.that entry turned out to be a bit of a soul-searching one.But as we live in one world and with my own history I think that Michael Bolton is a part of-whether I realised that in clarity or not-maybe others have.

Hi Angelica,


Michael wrote his book at New Hall Castle just outside Edinburgh and the book is called "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" and was published in 1997.   

I cannot remember the show Juliet is referring to as I said the only one I remember was when he came on and it was the first time he had appeared in the UK after he had his hair cut and he had on a suit not denims and t-shirt and I believe, if memory serves me right, it was pale grey !   He sang a song by himself but it was not Nessun Dorma - Go The Distance almost rings a bell and it is on "All That Matters" which came out in '97 !

I looked through all the old Des O'Connor stuff on youtube but couldn't find anything but he did have show on television in '97 !!

I keep thinking about Angelica but nothing else has come to mind but my feeling is getting stronger that the show I am thinking about was with Des O'Connor;  I can't see or think of any other presenter at that time but I can see him standing beside Michael and the two of them laughing about his hair and Des also asking him if it was true that the cut hair got donated for charity.

I will keep thinking about and if anything else comes to mind I will put in here !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

I don't know what you mean Juliet by your comments but what I can tell you is that I never watched a show with Jack Docherty so if Michael appeared on a Jack Docherty show so be it  and if he sang Nesun Dorma so be it but I have never saw it - if you saw that show - okay - I am not disputing it - I have never mentioned any comments that you have made I am only answering Angelica to the best of my ability and memory.....do you not think it just possible that Michael maybe did two television shows or is that beyond belief !!!  


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Juliet,


Sorry to hear about your problems and especially about your damn job - that is a shame after you thinking you had got settled with that one - sorry to hear Juliet, really am !!


After you said about a Jack Docherty show I went through some of the ones on youtube and I couldn't see but I can't remember ever watching any of his shows although as I say I remember seeing Michael on a programme and the only really specific thing I remember clearly was about his hair - I remember the presenter making a great build up to it because it was the first time Michael had appeared on UK television since having his hair cut and then I can see him walking on because he was smiling and laughing - he looked fantastic and I remember my mother going on about because she always wanted him to get his hair cut and she was just over the moon and kept on about the fact that you can see his face now - I can still hear her and me saying; but you could see his face before !   I am trying even to recall if possibly I was doing something else and my mother called on me that Michael was coming on so maybe she was watching Jack Docherty and shouted on me - oh to hang, we will get an answer to it !! 


Hope all goes well with you Juliet and that is isn't too long before you find something else !!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend. 

I just raised that question as well to Juliet...............or maybe we had a drink or two at that time?   Cheers
Silvia's question that was did he maybe more than 1 show


nks Sylvia,is that book anywhere to get in the U.K?(not inWaterstones and libraries that much Iknow) Also" oneworld ,onelove" is nowhere-absolutely nowhere-but I do not shop on the internet-so have not got "Gems" either.Is there a text-booklet as I would like to read the words to "Love is everything"as well as seeing the credits,thank you-s and all the information .Ido not understand the words by listening to them alone,I have to read them.

As for the show:I don't think he wore a suit,or did he-maybe I was dreaming the Said I loved you...outfit during the show-asI said,I cannot remember the details,Ithink I remember some of them,but maybe they really were dream-sequences.Jenny should know-she knows everything Michael.Love Angelica


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