Hello everyone,but probably ,particularily long established U.K. -MBfans.

I would like to know if anyone of you(could imagine maybe Jennifer or  Wee one) have been- and even have photos and such- of a TV

appearance by Michael Bolton in a theatre in Whitehall/London in 1997.I  applied and had been given a free ticket then in the Church-Army Hostel,where I lived at the time,as I had become homeless relatively shortly after I came to the U.K. as I did not find the work I was then looking for(any work really),and was at the time in this hostel.Not only  would I like to know the exact date for my own memory,but also see this TV appearance,(where I was sitting in the last row in that relatively small theatre-so it was quite close)and Michael was singing live-but I cannot recall the song,maybe how am I supposed,... but I don't know.-He wore light blue jeans and shirt.and talked about his girls and I believe-Nicolette as well. Anyone can help me remember?


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Ok, to clarify, the date of the show was 23rd APRIL 1998.


Here is the synopsis of the show as taken from the BFI database site. (British film industry)



NFA Catalogue

Jack Docherty chats with Magnus Magnusson and singer Michael Bolton, the latter also singing "Nessun Dorma".



Also Angelica we have SIGNED copies of 'Secret of the lost kingdom' for auction for the UK reception.



I will sort this out this week Juliet as I also dont have much on this coming week.


Jennifer XX


Sorry to hear you lost your job Juliet. That is terrible. I know here in the USA jobs are hard to come by. Good luck in your job search..

Robin in MD:)

Hi Jen,I knew it. You have the accurate answer.The 23 rd of April 1998?  I find the date quite spooky personally again,as it is ( roughly- I am going to work that out properly)  13 years,actually 13 1/2 years and on the same day as I saw Michael the very first time in concert(23rd Nov 2010),and I wrote a letter to Michael in 2009(which I gave him in 2010) mentioning that 13 is my lucky number for no apparent reason though.

How much is the copy of the lost kingdom,and can I buy it now? Love    Angelica

and i trailed the internet a bit and found that he did an interview with the Sunday times/London on the 28th of April 2008,but since there are other bits and pieces I lost the thread and cannot find it again as it is not The News,from south Africa,but since i did not go into the website I cannot find that sunday times interview as I don't know what I was asking for to get that informatiojn and obviously I'd have to know the journalist's name,which I forgot. so there might be something else to find from that time,and as it appears-he was for a considerable length of time in the U.K then, also in the years1997/8  if he wrote the book here as well,so these dates are of great interest to me,as i would like to draw conclusions to what happenened in my personal life then(too complicated to explain now),but-as I said in another entry: also if at times I think or anybody thinks they are alone-there are other people  as well-always,and they might see or observe things much more clearly than- at the time a person thinks-she/he is alone-does.

also if this seemingly does make little sense right now,what I write- I am trying to say in that context that it is great that you and other longstanding fans have  some archive to look into those times-and I hope that I can get as much information for those years in connection with Michael and the U.K.Thank you-very much

the interview date is  28th of April 1998(not 2008) with the Sunday times/London
Are you thinking of Brian Connley where they sang a duet? Michael proved he's a human calculator and Brian came down the stairs wearing a Viking helmet. Halfway down you hear a phone ring and Brian takes off one of the horns and answers it. Michael struggles to finish the song because Brian's comedy skit during throws him and he can't stop laughing :)


Glad to be of help to you Angelica. I'm glad we got your mystery solved. :)


We have two copies of the signed book of the 'Secret of the lost kingdom' is up for auction with the opening bid being £40. Both are in perfect condition.


If you would like to make a bid on anything else, please send either myself of Juliet a private message with your bid which must be higher than the starting bid of £40 for the book.


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Hope this helps.



could I not come and read it over coffee somewhere,Jen,-you live quite close by and it is 3 months till the fan-reception,by which time I could save up to buy/make a donation.I don't want to sound awquard again,but at the moment my budget is just about for the softball video and  I might want to invest in getting "one world ,one love"-which is a brilliant album  and "Gems".Is there a booklet?     and please keep searching for info for the years 1996,7,8.Thank you  very much   Angelica


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