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Thought you migt like this..... enjoy!

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For those outside the UK that cannot view the show on their website... the show is now on you tube


Nope...doesn't work here, but thanks for trying!


Anna (in Mo)

I have checked on Europe and UK dates and was told...nothing to pass on yet.  Gail

Gail can I ask you as you have mentioned about show dates something that Michael does mention in the interview for he says about going to Australia in April BUT he then says that after that in May he is going on to South East Asia to tour and he has concerts arranged there.....I am just curious because I am thinking of Thida in Thailand if he is possibly going back there when the other concerts with David Foster had to be cancelled last year because of the flooding or are they maybe private concerts that he is doing in some countries in South East Asia ????

At least on the UK tour Michael was a bit more specific this morning by saying that he HOPED to possibly do one in November as he was MAYBE coming back then to promote his book ........even if it goes into 2013 before he gets back here, I'll wait;  just so long as he IS coming back that is all that matters !!!! :)  


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


I did check as soon as Michael mentioned the concerts on the show the other day. I asked if there was anything set that I could post and I was told ...not yet...so I'm thinking they will come shortly!!

Thanks Gail !! :)


Sylvia YWSF

Thanks Carol!!!!


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