Most of you guys have probably already watched this interview before, but I just found this today (I'm a new fan! *falls over*) and I really enjoyed watching Michael talk about his life in detail. :D

and it's so entertaining watching his expression changes after cracking jokes.. hahah! I'm smiling so hard, my entire face is probably just teeth. LOL. It's always so much more fun to watch interviews and observe him talking and see the subtle expressions than reading text interviews IMO.

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oh yeah, off-topic but... THIS PERFORMANCE! I love seeing Kenny G and Michael work these awesome sounds together! XD Everything's so beautiful! Oh my god.

Fiona you need to go check out Book and CD Promotions thread for that interview is to do with that and all the information about Michael's promotional work is on that thread along with videos and pictures.   You also need to check out New Videos on YouTube because that one with Kenny G is on there as well as a lot of others that know you will just love.    Glad you are having such fun looking and finding everything new to you.....for it sure is a lot of fun and believe you have a lot of catching up to do Fiona but try and slow down for it takes a long time to catch up on about 25 years worth of stuff....can't be done in a day Fiona !!!!! LOL    Another place you may like to look through for "fun" interviews etc. is the main Video Section on here for most of Michael's interviews are on there plus a lot of very good "performance" videos from different parts of the world......but just take your time and enjoy; take your time Fiona !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely gonna check out the other thread! I'm slowly going through all the videos tagged under Michael Bolton on youtube... LOL. I just started Michael Bolton-ing exactly 1 week ago (Boltoning is officially a word now eh? heheh) But yeah, I do tend to try and cram everything about a new celebrity I love into knowledge all at once though XD *slowly faints*

Pretty obsessed with Michael at the moment ;__; criiieessss

Thanks Sylvia! 

Hi Fiona and welcome to the forum. It’s fun to meet new enthusiastic fans! :D If you’ve been a fan of Michael’s for only a week, may I ask how you’ve become aware of Michael? I’m thinking it must have been quite a discovery to have become such a fan instantly... Girlfriend, you have your work cut out for you if you’re watching all the YouTube videos tagged with Michael’s name, phew! If you need help navigating this site, do let us know: there’s always someone around to help on here. In the meantime, I’ll give you the direct links to the threads Sylvia suggested.

 All videos posted by the admin and by fans on the MB site:

New videos on YouTube, where fans post new discoveries:

2013 book and CD ppromotions:

We also have a historical thread for a little background in Michael's very early days:

...and a partial discography:

If you need anything else, as I’ve said, let us know. Take care Fiona and have a great week. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Sylvie! I see you took a photo with Michael in your avatar...! @_@ It must be so awesome! 

It might be a typical reply, but I actually watched that Jack Sparrow music video with Lonely Island and saw him there. I already knew who he was before then though- I've seen his face with the hair from back in the day, I've heard Go the Distance from Hercules and How Am I Supposed to Live Without You. But I just listened to these two songs casually before and never looked into him. 

And then his character in that Jack Sparrow music video happened.... he was so awesome, I couldn't stop watching it. LOL. I lost count, but literally have watched it more than 30 times... at LEAST..... T__T

I decided to look into him more for his awesomeness, and the first thing I watched was the Murder My Heart live performance at Albert Hall... and man, his performance was just. How does he even know how to act so sexy? (excuse my word usage??) I probably watched THAT video at least 50 times, and that's how it started. LOL

thanks much for the links too! Very useful! Can't wait to look more into all of this. @_@

Hi FIONA, Actually that photo of Sylvie is with MB's older brother, Orrin.  They looked alot more alike when MB still also had longer hair.

Enjoy discovering all the great MB goodies out there!!! :)

Robin in MD:)

Hi Robin!

Wow, they do really look alike-- I was suspecting something was different, but thought it was just me or just the angle/particular pose. :O

Ur.. besides loving the literal way Michael presents himself, his voice is essentially what moves me to think so. (can't believe I didn't mention that... makes me look like a crazy fangirl LOL...) I love the passion and feeling in his voice when he sings. I personally am in love with his hoarse tonality too ehehhe. 

Currently listening to his Fields of Gold song with Eva Cassidy a million times. 

Hi again Fiona, yeah, my picture is with Michael’s brother Orrin who’s pretty cool too. He’s a musician also, in case you’d like to check him out. Girl, you and several million others discovered Michael through “Jack Sparrow”, even people who are much older than you are so that’s cool. My eldest son who didn’t even care for Michael had the song  on his Ipod... :D Heehee, that’s funny that you say you’ve watched the video over 30 times, because I think many of us watched it at least once every day for a good while, when we were trying to get the views up to 100 millions... XD I think it’s terrific that you think he’s sexy on the RAH video, since you’re under 30 and he was 56 at the time this was filmed.  Oh Fiona, lol you can say he’s sexy, many of us have gone farther than that on this site... ;D Well enjoy the links girl and if you have questions about Michael or the site, give us a shout. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

I just heard a couple of Orrin's songs on someone's playlist on their page yesterday actually! The tonality of his voice is pretty similar to Michael's! :O

He was just so awesome in Jack Sparrow. He sings so well for that kind of funny video- for people who don't know him already, it must have been surprising! .. and that's what makes it so awesome. 8D

ahaha I love that it's alright to call him sexy.. XD heheh- Michael's attractiveness is universal LOL

Hi again Fiona, You probably heard OB's songs on Sylvia's page. Now about the “Jack Sparrow” video, when it was first released, I listened to the video often, but I got a great kick out of reading the YouTube comments of people who had never heard of him. Michael said that doing this video took him out of his comfort zone, especially the Erin Brockovitch part, lol but he was very glad to have done it. Yep, I agree that Michael’s attractiveness is universal and it goes beyond his looks too, trust me... :D Nice talking with you Fiona, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi Fiona and as Sylvie says it was possibly my page you heard Orrin on but also if you went into Robin Rehder's page and went back another page on her comments you will have seen a playlist and heard it because it is still switched on and I transferred my playlist onto her page to give her some music but new as her comment page became full that it would drop down and disappear which it has done and would need to keep refreshing it all the time if she wants it but think you know if you had been on my page with all the "crazy" pictures, like playing golf with my only second gif I have made and him kind of swimming about on his upturned boat and a few others !!!!! LOL.

Terrific to hear that it was little Jack that you got you in the "groove" and that is on my playlist somewhere !!! :)   Wish you well Fiona and a lot of happy hours looking through everything Michael Bolton because, as said already, there is a lot to look through.

Here is a picture you might not have seen and because you were talking about Orrin it is one of Michael and Orrin with their mother, Helen, in the middle.....................



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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