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Hi Ivana, this video is posted on the "New videos on Youtube" thread sweetie, along with part 1. He recorded that in 2002 and I think he's adorable! lol Thanks for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


O.K., O.K. I am sorry......I must have overslept and missed this information :-)))


Wooohooo, you can never hve enough of Michael Ivana!! Yeeehaaaa to that! Eh?


I loved watching him in the studio. He just looks so relaxed.


Thanks for posting this again Ivana, its made me smile.


Love Jennifer XX

I enjoy this type of thing it's different. Wish we could see more of the natural relaxed Michael. Thanks Ivana From Sylvia xx

I never saw this, so thanks for posting!!    :)



Hi, Ivana

That some years ago, but its very good

to see him, again and again.....

Thanks a lot !!!

Take care


these Aol sessions absolutely blow me away.I wonder whether the soundtechnicians had ever anyone that professional and note-perfect on each and every note sung in the studio.Does anybody know in which studio it has been recorded/apparently in 2002 as Silvie replied ?And does anybody know why "when a man loves a woman" is about"knitting in Germany"? as Michael says before singing it.

Hi Angelica, I know you're new to the forum sweetie but I'm not sure how long or closely you've followed Michael. Michael, in case you didn't know, has quite a sense of humor and has said this  or something to the same effect in various concerts and/or interviews. From what I understand, he recorded this for AOL so would assume he'd record it in AOL studios, again assuming they have some for performances and interviews. I know the video was made in 2002 because Michael sings both "Only a woman like you" and "Dance with me" from the OAWLY album. Since Michael was with Jive Records at the time, the publicity machine was full steam and I must say had probably the best promotion tour I've ever witnessed. Michael was all over the place: talk shows, radio, the Miss America pageant and even the World Music Awards, etc. Not to mention that the title song was released in 4 different languages and released simultaneously as a single in various countries. There was also an audio interview done by AOL around the same time and it was one of my favorites ever. I think that when interviewers ask him the right questions, Michael could litterally go on for hours, God bless him! :D Okay so, before I go on for hours, hope that answers your question! :D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

P.S.: BTW, in case I haven't yet, I'd like to welcome you  to the forum!

Thanks Silvie,you are very helpful.

Hello Angelica, Sylvie (from Canada) is our treasure !!! I love her very much !!

Best regards, Ivana

Hi Ivana,all good now?No more crying ,ya?but if you still feel like it ,since I just listened to the Aol sessions again and made the comment about Janis Joplin,maybe "cry baby" by Janis Joplin helps to let it all out and then eventually feel stronger.Sending you my love-Angelica

Hi Angelica, oh yes, I feel better, of course. I cannot cry all the time as I do not want to cause any flood !!! I am 45 years old and have been no angel :-)) but I have never met a man with such a "personal magnetism" like Michael .....

I guess, I will never stop loving him....

Best regards from Prague to you,

smiling Ivana :-)))



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