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Hi Angelica, you're very welcome. I have been dubbed by one of my friends on the forum as "the solver"... :D This is a very friendly forum and we help each other as much as we can. And to Ivana, thanks sweetie, you're a doll! Take care. Big hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
I just love those Aol sessions.On" when a man loves a woman" the last two "when a man,when a man"(before the very last one) he sounds exactly like Janis Joplin-I wonder whether conciously,as he sings he'll "trade"the world instead of he'll change the world which would correspond with Janis'Joplin's "Me and Bobby Mc Gee" where a part of the lyric says:"I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday
Hi Angelica, oh my goodness gracious, girl if you think Michael sounds like Janis Joplin on the AOL sessions, something tells me that you don't know about Michael's "Michael Bolotin" and "Every day of my life" albums from '75 and '76, am I right? Well, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a couple of songs from the "Michael Bolotin" album! First, "
Everybody needs a reason":
And then "Dream while you can":
These probably won't work as direct links, but copy/paste them into your browser and feast your ears! These songs feature some of the greatest blues vocals Michael has done! I thought of another one but unfortunately didn't find it on Youtube... If you like that sound in Michael's voice, try to find the song "For you" by Black Jack. I don't know if it's on ITunes but search for it, it's gorgeous... In case you don't know about Black Jack, it was a rock group Michael headed in '79 and '80. Well, take care Angelica and enjoy! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
thanks Silvie, ,no I don't know these recordings and just get into it all.Have not listened yet,but put "cry baby" live from Toronto 1970 on my twitter page yesterday,which I mainly use to upload music which comes to some of my mind on the day/it is so easy to upload music onto twitter.just one button to Angelica- one more thing: I like EVERY sound in Michael's voice.


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