Michael has a milestone birthday coming up in February 2018. I ran an idea past Gail that passed with approval.

I have small cards that are 2.5X3.5. The idea for the card is not to say happy birthday, but you have room to put a few sentences to tell Michael why you love him, his music or how his music helped you in hard times. It’s should be big enough for a wallet size photo if you would like.

Then when he’s home sitting at his desk, he can pull 1 or 2 cards to read when he has the time. Our words will be with him all year.

I request a SASE, and I will send you a card. Write your note and put in your picture. When your finished, mail it back to me.
For those out of the country, I checked with my postmaster and she said you can put your own postage on the return envelope equivalent to $1.15 US.

Email me, Sally, at MYSCRTPSSN@gmail.com and I can give you an address to send your SASE (self addressed stamped envelope).

A second option that isn’t as personal, is to email me a short note and I can cut and paste it onto a card for you. I don’t want to handle pictures this way because I’m not that computer literate and don’t want to make errors with something as personal as a picture.

When all the cards are gathered, I’ll put them in some sort of decorate box. And the box of cards will be Michael’s birthday gift from us.

It might seem early, but it’s something that we can work on Now through January. I’d like to be finished by February since I would need to get a box and mail it off to Michael.

Your welcome to share my email with anyone you think may be interested in contributing to Michael’s milestone 65!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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I hope to hear from you. 

I’ve heard from several people! Keep them coming!
I checked with the US Postmaster and this was the information I was given. I’ve already mailed a bunch out and I’ll see if it worked. The postmaster did tell me there’s an international postage stamp.
There used to be a voucher years ago. I remember using them. The postmaster is giving me some international stamps in the event someone has a financial issue. Of course I’ll let you know how it goes.
If you would like to send an SASE it’s no problem using your own postage equal to a $1.50 currency. The cards I mailed out using this process have arrived back to the original sender without problem. If your concerned, there should be an international stamp. I have a few just in case I do have a problem, so you really shouldn’t have a problem.

I’m hoping your post doesn’t deter people from participating. Your information is in regards to ROYAL MAIL, but it’s the USPS (United States Post Service) that is handling the post from here and if Royal Post is on the envelope it’s treated like priority mail and forwarded.

If anyone is concerned, just put your post in the envelope and I will have the post office covert it to an international stamp. There won’t be a problem getting you the card.

Thanks Sally, 

I will send my letter tomorrow! 

Silvy from CH 

Great idea. Thank you. Regards, Usha/ On , Canada.

Hope to hear from you soon. 

Hi Sally and just checking if you have received my SAE yet for posted to P.O Box on 13th December ??

Sylvia  YWSF   27

I got it on the 23rd and put in the mail on the 27th. You should get it soon. Holiday may hold it up a day or two. 

Let me know when you get it. 



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