I've just managed to get hold of a copy of Michaels first 45 rpm single 'Bah, Bah Bah' that he recorded with his first band  Garage band 'Joy'.

I've been looking out for a copy for years now and finally managed to track a copy down.

The label on the single has a printed mis-spelling and lists the writing credits as 'Michael Bolotkin'.

Does anyone have any information on this single that they would be willing to share with me because I'd quite like to mount the single in a frame along with some information about it.

I know that 'Bah, Bah, Bah,' was the B' side with 'Joy' singing  the unknown Beatles composition  'It's for you' on the 'A' side, but thats all I know really.

I cant wait for it to arrive and when it does, I'll see if I can somehow, record it and post a clip of it on here.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Love Jennifer XXXXXXX


Still Michaels future wife though!!

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Hi Jennifer,

I know your original message is quite old now (at least in internet time), but I see that you haven't had any replies. Since I just got on to the forums again yesterday after a long hiatus, I'd be happy to provide you with the information I do know.

The 'A' side should be "Bah Bah Bah" and the 'B' side should be "It's For You" -- both performed by Joy. You're quite right about the misspelling of MB's name on the songwriting credit. Apparently all pressed copies had this mistake. The two tracks were recorded in 1969 for CBS on Epic Records, on the basis of demos cut in Syncron Studios in Connecticut. The actual band lineup is sketchy at best, but it included Michael Bolotin, Marc Friedland, Jeff Bova, Orrin Bolotin, and (this is conjecture, but some sources point to it, although frankly, I'm not convinced) Michael Hillman (aka Hilly Michaels). The same band would go on to record for Pentegram Records in 1970, but when the label went bankrupt there were four songs that were salvaged: "Going Back to New Haven," "Runnin' Away From the Nighttime" (Bolotin), "Where Do We Go From Here," and a fourth track that has yet to be uncovered.

Hope that helps! I know it's sparse, but I'm only going by actual data that I can substantiate.
Thank you so much Jeremy for this wonderful information. This really is very interesting and wit hyour permission, I'd like to type this up to place in the frame with the single.

I feel the need to confess that the reason it looks as though I've not had any repilies is because this topic was brought over from the old forum, but I really do appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to provide us with this very valuable information.

You really are the font of all 'Michael' knowledge arent you. Bless you heart for sharing.

Love Jennifer XXX

From the discographies in "The New Haven Sound 1946-1976", Paul Lepri


1969 "Going Back to New Haven/ Cookie Man"
1969 "The Bah Bah Song/It's For You"

Is "Cookie Man"the fourth track you're looking for?

Hi Sally, Great seeing you post over here! Thanks for all the great info!!!
Robin :)
Hi Robin,

For old times sake, I check in here once in a while. The "New Haven Sound 1946-1976" only makes mention of Michael a few times, but it's better than nothing. I was surprised to find that the band "George's Boys" formed before Michael and Orrin were in it. The name came about because the band's manager was named George (can't recall his last name at the moment). I always thought the name came from the Dad of those fabulous Bolotin boys.

Hey Sally, Hang around more often!!!! I thought too that name came from MB's dad's first name. That's interesting info. You have such good info!!!

Thanks for sharing!
Post when you can!
Robin :)
Hmm. That might put the information I have in a different light. I'll check into this. I always thought "Going Back to New Haven" was recorded during the Pentegram sessions in 1970, as well as the "unknown" fourth track (the second and third tracks were the ones that ended up on the November Children soundtrack). Let me do some digging. I love digging!

Are there scans somewhere of the labels for the "Bop Bah Song" b/w "It's For You" and "Going Back To New Haven" b/w "Cookie Man" 45s?

Were either of those 45s ever officially released? I saw some people mention demo versions of these 45s but it wasn't clear if there were officially released versions as well.

I found the MP3s for 3 of the songs on the http://michaelboltonphotos.com/soundfiles.shtml page but I haven't been able to track down a digital copy of "Cookie Man". Does one exist somewhere? Are there higher quality versions of "Going Back To New Haven" and "It's For You" posted anywhere? They are only 32kbps and 64kbps respectively on the michaelboltonphotos.com site whereas "Bop Bah Song" is 128kbps on that site.

Hi Michael and welcome to the forum. I’m sorry for such a late reply: noone’s been on this thread for a while. You can find the 45RPM of “the bop bah song” known as “Bah bah bah” on EBay from time to time. It was officially released. Some people have mentioned white labelled singles, which I believe are the official copies and grey labelled copies which are demos. To our knowledge, “Going Back to New Haven/Cookie man” was never actually released as a single. As far as the quality of the mp3’s on the MBphotos site, I suggest you write to Jan, the webmaster. I’ve read that you’re from CT so something tells me you might know a thing or 2 about Michael and the early days of Joy. Marc Friedland himself has joined this forum and has told us that none of the band members of Joy has ever even heard the finished version of “Cookie man”. Now aside from the song we would all have loved to hear, I don’t know exactly what kind of info you’re looking for Michael, but I want to direct you to this thread:


That thread is full of info mostly gathered by fans, but when Marc joined, we got a lot of specifics on the timeline, songs recorded etc: it’s a fabulous read: I’m sure you’ll love it if you have the time. Well hope this starts to answer your questions Michael but if not, I suggest you post other questions on the other thread and we’ll see if Marc or my friend Jeremy can come in and help. In the meantime, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

the three i have  two white label promos  and one yellow label

i can ask orrin if  he knows   of any other labels

i have pictures on facebook

One I have is in a yellow/black Epic sleeve with a further sleeve inside that of a kind of a gold colour and it also has a date written on the record, in red pen, of 11/14/69.....what significance that date has, whether actual date of release or date person received, I do not know.  BTW I found mine on e-Bay !! :)    That is my little tuppence worth !!! lol.


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.



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