I just wondered...he sings in italian but does he speak italian?

I wish i could make that very difficult pronounciation of ' rrrrrr' as he does.:)



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Hi Wennie Li, I believe Michael knows a few key-phrases and has some understanding of it, but I don’t think he speaks it. There are a few interviews on Youtube on Italian shows and if you find them you’ll be able to tell…  I agree that he does have an ease to roll his “R’s”, but maybe he should have made a copy of his pronunciation sheet he gave to Pavarotti to help him remember to rhyme “stanza” with “spéranza”… He mentionnned this pronunciation sheet in the interview of the RAH DVD. Well, however he speaksit, perfectly or not, his “Nessun dorma” still gives me goosebumps and that’s the important thing… :d Take care Wennie Li. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
thanks sylvie, i hope i could watch the youtube interview, but unfortunately, youtube is blocked here in China..
my favorite is "M'Appari". it is intoxicating watching him singing it.
Hi girls
here I am the Italian teacher.
Michael knows only some key-phrases, but he does not speak Italian, he has taken some Italian lessons (pronunciation) only for singing with Pavarotti, and later with Anna Tatangelo (San Remo, an Italian singer) but you could hear yourself that his "rrrrrrrrr" is not good, that's a normal problem for everybody, my students have this problem as well, but if you speak regularly Italian, you can eliminate it, but I think he hasn't got time to improve his Italian, well in that case I'll be pleased to be his personal teacher!!!!!
Yes, Sylvie, however his "Nessun Dorma" has given me goosebumps!
Another important thing is that when you sing in Italian you have to understand the text, or to translate it before, otherwise you sing without your soul!
Silvy from Switzerland XX
ok, silvy,then, i guess it is not easy to memorize all the lyrics if he doesnt speak the language.
and in the interviews, did he mention why he choose Catania to be the place for his concert?
Hi Silvy, I’m not Italian but I think Michael’s “R” rolling is more decent than a lot of other singers I’ve heard! What did you think of his pronunciation on “My secret passion”? I think he did understand what he sang on “My secret passion” and he showed that on the DVD of the same name. I just think he’s loosened his standards a bit, since he doesn’t have, as he called his Italian coach in ‘97, his “dragon-lady” on his back! Lol However, I think you can still feel how much respect he has for this aria and the way he introduces it with his intent tone, as if it were his prized possession."Nessun dorma"... :D Thanks for your insight, Silvy from Switzerland! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi again Wennie Li, I'm guessing that since you enjoy watching him sing "M'apari", you have the "My secret passion" DVD? Maybe there's a mention of why he chose Catania on the DVD box or in a pamphlet inside? I'm guessing that this was the available venue at the time and it must have been a beautiful place to film in. I would have thought that Michael would have filmed in Modena or at "La scala", if he'd had the chance. That's all Ican think of! I personally have never heard him mention it in interviews. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi girls
well, I don't know why Catania, but I think because it was available as Sylvie wrote, I haven't the DVD "My secret....", but yes, I agree, he's very good at singing the arie becuase he loved what he was singing, he had the best teacher: Pavarotti who encouraged him! He's the only singer nowadays who can sing everything, in my opinion.
Silvy XX
p.s. if you listen Paul Potts, you can hear the strong "T" , if you listen IL DIVO, they're perfect!
Michael is of Russian/American origins.Mike can speak several languages.There's not much this handsome wonder can't do. I have followed his career from the very start....long before those golden locks back in the mid- eighties.Mike can play practically any musical insturment. Mike is a very deep person and the great thing about Michael is the fact that he always gives his fans a awesome performance.Some one here was wondering the sound range mike is fully capable of !!!????? I not sure that his vocals have ever been truly tested.No one has a voice like his, that's what set's him apart from other artist's.


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