The DVD will be released on May 4th!!!

And Pilar, "Crazy Love" is on the DVD!  Like that song also very much. Can`t wait.................

Track Listing:
1.) Soul Provider
2.) Said I Loved You
3.) Hope It's Too Late
4.) To Love Somebody
5.) Dock Of The Bay
6.) You Don't Know Me
7.) Summertime
8.) Fly Me To The Moon
9.) That's Life
10.) Murder My Heart
11.) When A Man Loves A Woman
12.) How Can We Be Lovers?
13.) Steel Bars
14.) Times Love And Tenderness
15.) Can I Touch You There?
16.) Crazy Love
17.) Georgia On My Mind
18.) How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?
19.) One Love

Bonus features:
Bonus Track "Nessun Dorma"
Interview with Michael Bolton
"Countdown" Documentary


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Hi Jen,
I haven't got mine either lol lol sunday its mother's day lol And I was NOT able to buy it myself that saids enough lol lol....
lots of love and have a great mother's day Jacqueline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey Matthieu!! Check out the video section on this site. This one is there along with a lot of others. You are great at finding things so if you find any good ones add them to the video section...along with everyone else. Just be sure when you go to the Videos hit the All Video button or you are just going to see the ones the Admin is adding. Gail
OKKKKKKKKK thanks for the clip lol lol can't wait anymore till mother's day lol lol..
And I am sooooooo happy that I am going to see Michael next month awwwwwww
Jennnnnnnnnn need the ice... lol lol

lots of love Jacqueline

Yay!! My DVD just arrived!! Think the postman thought I was mad as I was so excited it had arrived!! Now to watch and enjoy that wonderful concert over and over again!

Love Deb xx
HI Deb Just got My DVD Today Im so excited then on Monday get the other one this will be great Mother's Day for me .
I got the dvd two days ago and then the blu ray this morning and havent watched either of them yet!!!

I just need to find some time on my own, alone, by myself, without anyone else, just me....a cup of tea and a rich tea biscuits!!

Maybe at the weekend? Goodness, I hope so!!!

Love Jennifer XX
umm i know what you mean jen ,there is just some things you have to have total peace and quite for ,its called me time lol with the volume right up

Yes tomorrow it is saterday so lets hope you find one and I am on the way with ice lol

lots of love Jacqueline

I will send you more next month after I have been to the concert lol..lets hope I can take again some great once....
And never say your crazy NOOOOOOO
Just do what you want to do...

lots of love Jacqueline
Great DvD of the concert, have already watched it many times, a fantastic memento of the actual I concert I attend, very weird spotting myself in the crowd too!

I have the DVD yessssssss and how good is that one mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh it was the best mother's day a mother can get lol lol...Yes we have to do it with a DVD but today in a month I will have him live awwwwwww lol...
Till that time I will see the DVD soooo many times that I can do all the movements lol

lots of love jacqueline


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