I've been looking at the gallery of Michael's pictures and was wondering, does anyone know what is that pin he is wearing?  He wore it the other night on Dancing with the Stars.  It looks like a cross in a circle with angel wings on top...but I believe Michael is Jewish. Maybe I need new glasses...LOL!  So any idea what it is?





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He's owned that pin for some time and from what I remember we heard he bought it years ago at an antique shop and he really likes it. No personal attachment to it that I recall. It's lovely, I have a pic of me with him from last year at the gala with it in the photo!

Robin :)
Hi Helena, I remember a long time ago, Regis Philbin was admiring his pin and Michael said it was one of a kind, he said if Regis had one, that he wouldn’t have it. My guess is that it’s pretty precious, but that’s all I know. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Michael has two different pins that he wears on two different jackets. One consists of just diamonds whilst the other is made up of saphire and diamonds.

The plain diamond one is like a triangle with the point going downwards and the other with the saphires is a circle shape with bar across the top of it.

Michaels PA, Emma showed me both of these when they were sitting in the red crushed velvet box and believe me, they are absolutely beautiful and really do twinkle in the light.

If my memory serves me correctly, one is a Cartier and the other is a Tiffany. As I remember, Michael bought them both becuase he fell in love with them, but both on separate ocassions.

I hope this helps.

Love Jennifer XXX
Thanks for the replies. Both pins sound very nice Jennifer!

The thought of Angel wings crossed my mind, since in the Catholic religion St. Michael is an Angel. And coincidentally when we see statues and prayer cards of St. Michael, he has blondish hair and blue eyes. So I thought he may have recevied the pin as a gift or it was to represent some kind of charity. Nice that he treated himself to both pins....

Hya Helena,

No, neither of the pins are angel wings. One is circular with a rectangular bar laying across the top of it and the other is an upside down triangle,

I will try and draw them both if I can. We werent allowed to touch them or photograph them,but I think I can remember what they looked like.

Love Jennifer XX
mike is a jewish / russian decent and he definitly favors one over the other.Symbolic to him for his own reason, and I know he thought the world of his father.Mike could wear a burlap bag and still look sexy.


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