I have been trying to find out the shows and the dates of Michael's TV appearances whilst he is in the UK.  Does anyone have any information?  I have been told he will be on Monday morning 8th November on ITV and that he will be on The Wright Stuff, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  I would hate to miss him!  Thanks.  Linda Willaimson

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Michael will be appearing on the Morning Show in ITV on November 8th

There are a few more but they are to be confirmed and hopefully will be posted as soon as they are. Gail
Hello Linda,

Yes Michael is definately appearing on the Wright Stuff, but as yet, there is no further information available.

I've been watching out for info too. Hopefully michael will be appearing all over the air waves!

Rest assured though, someone wil post here if they find any information.

Love Jenifer XX
Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for letting me know that Michael will be on the Wright Stuff. I will keep checking to see if any other appearances are announced. As you say, I hope he will be all over the airwaves. Linda x
Hi Gail,

Thanks so much for letting me know. I have now cancelled my dental appointment that was arranged for Monday morning. Mmm..Michael or the dentist, no contest! Linda
Thanks so much for the info that Michael is on This Morning, will be watching!!
Will keep looking back to see what else he will be on.

Love Deb xx
Will be watching all his apperances on TV as I am not able to see him live this year. Got to get my fix somehow!! Keeping fingers crossed that he tours the UK next year.

Debbie X
They are getting confirmations but when I last asked the only one they had confirmed was The Morning Show. Jennifer had you seen it in writing or had the Wright Stuff announced that MB will be on? Anyone with any info whether it is confirmed or not...please post so we can all check it out. Sometimes the confirmations come in too late to post for any notice so with all of us working together we will get them all. I'll also try to put the on the appearance calendar I do in google as well. Gail
Hya Gail,

Yes I saw it that Michael would be appearing on the wright stuff some time over the next couple of weeks.

No further news just yet, but If I hear it before someone else, I will post it here.

Love Jennifer XX
There is a mention of Michael on the Wright Stuff website but no date mentioned yet:

Thanks so much, Gail !!
for both dates, I hope I can watch him.
Take care

Hey, UK girls, is your turn... let us know everything!!!!!!! ;-)
I've just typed a brief transcript in the Tours in the secrton under the heading 'Have a safe trip Michael'

Hope this helps those who maybe wont get to tsee it.

Rocio is correct though, it was a 'mess of an interview,' but Michael looked relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Love Jennifer XX


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