I'm flying  to Italy tomorrow morning, lol!

Hope that I can take some pictures too! I'm in row 10 in Milano and Mantova row 1, if any other fans are there, please come to say Hello...


You never know who you come across


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Hi Jaana,

How was Italia with michael? I hope you can show us some great pictures.
lots of love Jacqueline
Hi Jacqueline! Wasn't aloud to take pictures in Milano, but I tried to take same anyway. I had putted those here, Gallery, Album Milano. And in Mantova, there was no concert, cause Michael was ill the...but look also, Album Mantova! Greetings Jaana xxx
Thanks Jaana,
For the info..will have a look over there. Maybe I see some fam. over there lol...
lots of love jacqueline xxx
I still can not find them lol hope your doing fine Jaana.
lots of love jacqueline


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