Miscellany but exceptionally relevant information about, or from Michael on, MB.

Thought I would start this thread for there does appear, at times, to be different relevant articles, tweets, retweets, pictures etc relating to Michael but not really fitting into an already recognized thread nor, each of them individually, being able to be grouped together where a relevant thread could be started and so decided on this "Miscellany" thread.   

I hope you agree with its relevance and that you enjoy everything that is put in as well as hoping that many will find interesting tidbits about Michael that can be included and help to make this, whilst a serious sharing of information, a FUN page to be able to visit too and, as is my intention, somewhere that everything which does not have a particular "home" can be placed, so that is all grouped together and can be easily found and located if someone wants to look at.

Here now, so that we can all focus on the main reason for this thread, is a beautiful picture of the "Theme" of the thread.......wonder if MB has ever been called that before ???? LOL. 



Believe this one definitely belongs in here for I would say sharing with us that coconut sorbet is his favourite dessert is both miscellaneous and more than extremely relevant to the "THEME" of this website and in particular, to this thread  !! LOL.

Hope everyone enjoys content and feels free to add their very own miscellany !!! :)



A separate thread has been created for the Q&A Session and it can be found at  http://www.michaelbolton.com/forum/topics/michael-s-question-and-an...


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


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Hey Sylvia, thanks for being on the lookout and posting this here, I've sent it to my daughter. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi folks and here is an article I have found about The Grove event last night and there is also a photo that goes along with and I will place that at end and it is of Michael and Melanie on stage together.......


"Los Angeles - On Sunday night, The Grove presented their 10th Annual Star Studded Holiday Tree Lighting Spectacular hosted by Mario Lopez (Television Host and Actor) and presented by CITI. The event brought the spirit of the holiday season to Los Angeles with an evening of spectacular performances and entertainment for the whole family. There were special performances by The Backstreet Boys (Grammy Award®-winning pop group), Michael Bolton (Two-time Grammy Award®-winning singer/songwriter), Melanie Fiona (Grammy Award®-winning artist), Colbie Callait (Two-time Grammy Award®-winning singer/songwriter), Scotty McCreery (10th Season American Idol Winner), Rickey Minor and His Band (Music Director and Composer), Far East Movement (Hip-Hop Quartet), Phillip Phillips (American Idol Season 11 winner), and The Top Hats.

On the red carpet, before their holiday performances, the stars talked about their fondest holiday memories, their holiday plans, to their upcoming holiday albums…

The Backstreet Boys are excited about their new holiday tune, ‘It’s Christmas Time Again.

Colbie Caillat just released a new album, ‘Christmas in the Sand,’ for those of us who don’t experience the typical snowy holiday season.

Far East Movement just released a holiday song about the holiday season in Los Angeles, aptly named ‘Christmas in Downtown LA.

10th season American Idol winner, Scotty McCreery, just released his holiday album, ‘Christmas with Scotty McCreery.’

11th season American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips‘ debut album, ‘The World From This Side of the Moon‘ will be released on November 19, 2012.

After the performances, the crowd witnessed Santa Claus’ arrival at The Grove, the lighting of the 100-ft. Christmas tree, the season’s first “snowfall” and Fireworks Finale!"

Huge tennis match just going to start here between Federer and Djokovic so don't think you will see much more of me tonight.......thank God, says all of you !!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend away to cheer on Roger or Novak or................





THANKS for finding all these goodies today Sylvia..Enjoy the tennis!!

Robin in MD:)

Thanks Sylvia for posting all you did on here today for us, so appeciated I want you to know so get back on here after that tennis match with MORE, MORE, MORE, Lol.......

You deserve a break, enjoy your tennis match.

Hugs, Kathy T. ;-)

Hey Sylvia, thanks for the article girl. Wow, a lot of new Xmas music in the air, isn't there? Good stuff to look forward to, thanks again Sylvia. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LmRYzAUtbE  This was just posted on the blog section by another fan..

MB singing Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing with  Melanie Fiona!!!

Fun stuff!!!!!! Enjoy!

Robin in MD :)

Thanks for bringing that link over here Robin MD.....it sounded fantastic and oh, the memories !!! LOL   Would love it if Melanie has recorded it for the CD with MB for they sounded great together....need to wait and see !!!


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


You are welcome and I agree Sylvia...This is exciting stuff!!!!

Robin in MD:)

Below is a link to another set of pictures (4) of Michael and Melanie Fiona performing at The Grove on 11th November which I hope enjoy !! :)



Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Thank you, Sylvia, enjoyed the photos very much. Now, the only thing better would be to watch it live which if I understood Gail correctly, is going to happen.


Kathy T. ;-)

Yes indeed it is going to be on the telly but I fear again I will have to pray, light candles, or rub Buddha's tummy, in the hope that someone records or we get a link !!!! LOL.   Beginning to feel I live in the land of de je vu !!!!  LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi folks and just to let you know that Michael sent a tweet to Trevin Hunte saying to him:   "keep going Trevin. mb" and Trevin answered back;  "OMG. Thank you so much !  You are so amazing !!!"  and below is the link to Trevin singing WAMLAW on The Voice and it is some darn rendition of it.....terrific !! :)

Had to share that with you for when I saw MB's tweet I thought that is just so lovely of Michael and so typical to give encouragement where encouragement is due and then when I saw Trevin's reply....do you think he is just a little bit over the moon ??? lol  




Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.



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