Hey all,

Been a LONG time since I came on this forum, but this afternoon I spent an hour arranging my CD collection (6000+) and decided to make a MB section ... Look how many I found. Some Demo's, some signed, some the same..

One love


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Hi Christopher, I'm blind so don't see your picture. Would you have a written list of what you have? For a moment, when I read the title of your thread, I thought you were selling and my heart skipped a beat! :D I have an extensive collection myself. I know how it is, when you start bying singles for this one live song or different version and try to get to all thevarious compilations with different pictures, picture sleeves on 45 etc. I think it would make a large dent in my collection if I took away my MB section! BTW, I'm terribly impressed you have over 6000 CD's! Last time I tabulated, which was a while ago, I had about 1200 CD's, but I do have quite a few vinyls on top of that. Well anyway, thanks for sharing Christopher, good to read you on here, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie QcCanada :D


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