I was asked to post this to ask Michael's fans to please vote for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to win a $10,000 grant.  As a lot of you know for many years Michael has been one of the chairpersons for this organization and goes to Washington almost every year to help pass legislature on behalf of Domestic Violence victims.  By clicking you can vote until October 31...it does seem like you can vote more than once also.  Please post this to your facebook page so all of your friends will see it and also vote...thanks!  Gail



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Hello Gail, I share this on my page of Facebook !!! Have a good day.... Bye BD
Done, it's on my FB page also now!
You can vote over and over way it looks!

Robin :)
Voted as well Gail
Love Dianna xxx
I voted too!

Thanks guys!! Gail


Hi, Gail
I did it, you can do it several
times the same day.
Take care
Please don't forget to keep voting for this so they can get the grant....thanks!!
Hi, All
Please to keep voting for this ,
now second place hurry !!!
Take care
I voted several times. It then says...thank you we have counted your vote. But you can still vote....so I did :) Great cause and I hope it wins!

Kathy and LAFD Bob
I voted several times and I think it is a wonderful cause. I myself was married to a man who abused me for 17yrs back in the 70's and 80's when the police wouldn't even do anything about it when called, they had to see it being done. I finally was able to escape the horrible life and now am free of violence......Thank God my children and I lived through it, but it does leave an ugly scar mentaly.................
hi i remembered to vote to


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