I am sorry if the topic is not right in this category. I really couldn't find a place to submit my question. So anyone can give me an answer we will be highly appreciated.

We wish to do a tour for Michael in China in the area of Pop and Classical crossover music together with some Chinese classicial singers. We need to discuss this issue with Michael's management directly. But we don't know who is Michael's tour manager and how to get in touch with him. Any advise will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!


James Wang


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James, I've passed your request on to Michael's management and someone from there should be contacting you shortly.  Thanks. Gail

Thank you so much Gail. Is Christina Kline from Michael's management? I received many emails from different persons and I got confused now:-), can't figure out who is who. If you know Michael's management, can you please give me some info? Thanks again!



James, I sent you an email with the answer to your questions ...hopefully you got it.  Thanks, Gail

Hello Gail! Could you provide with Michael's management, for booking purposes. I have a client in Italy that is interested in booking him. Thank You!

-Cesar Paz

Cesar, please write to me at boltoninfo@aol.com. Thanks, Gail


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