Here we go with the New 2011 Concert Tour Review Thread. Michael's tour begins again in the USA in Florida on January 13, 2011!!!!!!!!  I hope Michael is well rested and ready to get back out on the road!


Please share your concert experiences, pictures, video links etc. with us here. We love hearing about the concerts and the great times had by the fans.

You all have made these threads fun in the past and I look forward to more adventures and fun this year!!

I look forward to reading everyone's reviews once again and also contributing some of my own in 2011!


Have fun everyone!! Not much longer till Michael and the band hit the road again!


Robin in Maryland,  USA

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It's all in good fun...


Lorie (with an ie)

You don't need my did a great job!! I really enjoyed reading and so glad you guys had such a great time!! Gail

I can reply now but not always. Where you see reply, it would say edit to me and I can write but not always. Thanks. It gets sporatic. :D


Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Gail I swear the forum was misbehaving for a couple of minutes there!!! It reminded me of last night all over again!! LOL I just kept writing another message and then my original one appeared!!! LOL Thanks for responding :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Kathy, Your review is here. OMG what a night you had. I don't know how you could have enjoyed the 2nd half with all that happening with security.  Such a shame......I hope my friend got to the stage at the end at least.  Did you get to enjoy MB's second half? WHat was up with that guy wanting to fight??? OMG!  I know Robin gets emotional at the concerts, she cannot help it..Now the REMOVING of panties at the stage and tossing them--I don't think in all my shows I've ever actually witnessed that either.  I think that had to be hilarious to MB!!!! I can see him talking about that afterwards!!LOL  Bob probably got a big kick out of that one!! I love your gift for Amelia and I bet MB kept that one to give her! AWWWW

I feel tired reading your post!!! I don't know how you did it!!!!  Did MB see all this going on down front?? Wow..I hope you enjoyed it overall despite the security stuff.. Did you get any pictures????? 


Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

Robin in Maryland :)

It was insane Robin Md!!!! Your friend did make it to the stage. She was further left. I ran into her later after we dropped Robin off. I remember your friend saying to heck with this nonsense...I am going up to the stage. Something to that effect. Michael didn't see the "removal" but we did..OMG!! Never have we seen that!!! Bob did get a kick out of that. It was so funny because her boyfriend was the one who the muscle head wanted to fight!!! I swear I couldn't write a better script!! Talk about life being funnier than fiction is an understatement!! I did enjoy our Michael throughout all this but I do prefer the calmer Lorie's for example!!!! Maybe this valentine stuff is over rated!!! LOL I forgot to mention this was a 4 hour we were all a bit loopy I guess!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Wow I guess it was long with Kenny doing an entire set and then a break and the MB's set and Kenny coming back.  Lucky you with that long of a concert...Glad she made it to the stage, she usually does!!!  I didn't have all that going on in Greensburg, only one time the guy started to tell us to all sit down but Tim was there and said let us stay so we were all in spots we didn't move from then after that.


Did you get any pictures??? I hope to see some.. My friend doesn't take a camera like she used to but maybe her hubby took a few.


Oh went through a war!!LOL

Robin in Maryland :)

Thank goodness no bruises!! LOL I did take photos. i was going to take a video but there was nothing new so I stayed with photos. I was going to film MMH or Hallelujah if Michael sang those. I haven't even gone through my photos yet. I know there were some good ones though. I didn't recognize any of the stage crew and I only saw his body Steve..etc :/ I think it may have been a bit hectic for both crews but it worked out. If I had seen a "regular" I would have sought help. i did see your friend try to go back on our side to see what was up perhaps. Bob says the exit from the theatre leads out to the actual Universal Studios park so there is no way to get there from where we were or else I would have tried to wait for Michael. was midnight when the show ended!!!

Kathy and LAFD Bob

We did hear from my friend this evening, said same things you did Kathy and she got to stay at the stage in the end when the crowd was up there. She enjoyed the whole show and getting to visit with BB's.  She had a fun night and really enjoyed it and I'm so glad for her..


Robin in Maryland :)

I figured, Robin, your friend enjoyed everything. We had a good dinner together as well.


Boltonnut from L. A. CA

Yeah, there was a new/old song. Kenny's never done Lean on me with Michael. It was awesome. I always have fun at his shows. Some audiences ae more subdued but it was wild up front. It didn't stop me from going up.


Boltonnut from L. A. CA :D

Hi Kathy,


Oh girl, that was beautiful - what a review Kathy, what a review !!  I have no idea what any of you look like except Robin CA and yet I could see each and everyone of you - even the girl with the thong - and especially Bob's face - I could see you ducking and diving, fleeing up and down, shoving everyone out of the road.. .. it is beautiful - it is so, so alive Kathy, absolutely wonderful - thank you so, so much for taking the time to write it - THANK YOU Kathy !!!  You sure have made me laugh tonight girl !!  :).


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish FRIEND.


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