I am listening to the new album non stop ! Michael has oudone himself. Everything in this record is great : the vocals, the production, the arrangements, the energy, the youthful interpretations !!!!

But I have some questions and may be some of you have the answers : 

- at 32 minutes and 10 songs, this album is short !!!! From what whe know Michael has also recorded for this release : 

- Money 

- I Heard It Through The Grapevine

- Somethin Out Of Nothin (new song, which, in my opinion, is even better than the other original)

Why were this songs not on the original CD ? 

- Walter Afansieff tweeted a few months ago that he was working on some new songs with Michael. In the end, the only song is Somethin Out Of Nothin

Were there other MB / Walter A collaborations on this CD and where are they ?

these are fan questions, but whatever the answers, the album is amazing !!!!!! thank you MB for 25 years of amazing music !!!

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Hey Matthieu, agree with you across the board! Now about the missing songs, according to the commercial you found and posted on the book and tour promo thread, “Money” should be on it, it’s true. I also know that Walter Afanasieff’s site says “Somthin’ outta nothin’” will be on Michael’s next album. However, some of us heard “grapevine” on the “Vision Music” trailer, but no one promised it would be on the album. Most likely, some or all the songs will be on foreign releases. I do have another theory though and I’m gonna go out on a lim here. Michael has been hinting in a few interviews since last year, that he was filming a documentary. Now, since the “Vision Music” trailer page said it was in production, I’m thinking it’s possible that the missing music might be part of a documentary special/series. Michael has also mentioned in a couple of interviews that he had a couple of TV series in development and we do know about the sitcom, so a documentary series is possible. If you’d like to read about the clues I’ve picked up, check out my blog:


Just remember that this is just my opinion and speculations, based on facts I've gathered: I know nothing! :D Incidentally, you do know about the Wallmart CD exclusive that has "Somethin' outta nothin'", right? It's only available in the U.S. though. Take care Matthieu. BTW, glad you enjoy the album so much! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi Sylvie,


Good memory about the documentary. Could this be it.... http://www.visionmusicinc.net/Details.aspx?id=f8268688-4033-e211-a8...

It states it is in production and due end of 2013, beginning of 2014.....

Purely speculating here!!

Hey James, yep, that's the one! Michael has hinted at it in the Dayton Ohio interview last May and at the "Nail Files" premiere video on YouTube. As I've mentionned, I've gathered and compiled  the clues on my blog I've posted the link to in my earlier post. Take care James and good to read you here. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Agreed Matthieu,


My reasoning as follows: The three tracks are most likely to be available on European and Asian releases? Money was recorded with Orianthi (Australian) so it makes sense to put that on the Asian / Oceanic album, the other two may appear as bonus material on the European versions.


Also, the MB / Walter A collaborations may be for another album down the line. Remember how MB likes to have at least 2 or 3 projects on the go at once! Always remember that he had started to write for The One Thing when the Timeless project got in the way after the Mad About  The Mouse special (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes).


Agreed though, the album is spectacular. Breathing new and fresh life into these classics. As with all he covers, he really makes them his own and puts his stamp on them. Something I never though possible with a song like What's Going On, which is out of this world from MB


Hi james I fully agree

by the way I would be interested if we all would gather to make the tracklist for Michael Tribute to Hitsville VOLUME 1

aka all the songs from the Motown era that he has recorded on other albums over the years

for me Michael Bolton's tribute to Motown also include

- I'll be There (reachout) TIMELESS ALBUM


- As OAWLY bonus track

are there others Motown tracks that Michael has covered on previous releases???

Hey Matthieu, you bet Michael did record other Motown songs! I can check my listings in the morning, but just off the top of my head:

-"Dancing in the streets" off "Every day of my life"

-Back in my arms again" off "Michael Bolton" and

-My world is empty without you" off Black Jack's "Worlds apart"

So yeah, I can check my listings in the morning, but feel free to add if you find more. Take care Matthieu. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi again Matthieu, I’ve checked the track listings on Michael’s CD’s and double-checked to make sure all soul classics were indeed on the Motown label. It turns out that most other ones were on the “Hi”, “Stax” and Columbia labels. Now, if we made a list of soul classics, the list might be much longer... Wow, I can't believe I got all the right answers off the top of my head! :D Anyway, there’s your answer Matthieu, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Hi again James, agree on all the praise for the new album. Michael mentionned on the Canadian "Q" interview that he had 6 projects for new CD's, a musical and a couple of TV shows in development. It's a little late now for me, but if you check the "2013 book and CD promotions" thread, you'll find the link to the interview. Take care James. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada


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