I know most of you have received the latest newsletter from Michael regarding his vacay but also included the following info about the  updated and new website coming.  There will be some new features and some old ones updated.  Here is the info from the newsletter:

But really the BIG NEWS I wanted to write you about is a BIG CHANGE to my website. We are making much needed upgrades and I hope you love the new look & feel!!

The site will be updated in phases so you'll be seeing a lot of new pages and content added over the next several months ... and especially exciting is the launch of a STORE where you'll be able to buy exclusive music and merchandise. I know many of you have been asking for this for years!!! I'm starting to design items with my team now so let me know what you'd like to see there!! 

Any thoughts on items  you would like to see in the store, please let us know by responding to the email.  

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Thanks Gaill!  Sorry to see this forum go   Hope there will be a forum type thing on the new website   Will there still be a way to contact you with any questions?

Thanks agaiin!


There is a contact form on the new site. That comes to me or just email me at boltoninfo@aol.com. This site will he closed soon and I’m not checking it as much so any questions let me know at one of those addresses

Hope I'm doing this right. It took me long enough to come out here. I'm excited to see what all goes on out here. I probably missed a lot of things going on but wow! I'm especially intrigued in the concert tours. Can't wait for Michael to come out west but I know it's gonna take time as he's coming to the U. S. A. and UK though he's been to Australia already. As I said, hope I'm doing this right and that I'll be getting up to date info.


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