Another new site! Have to say though, this is fantastic and looks superb. They improve everytime!!


Right, when does the old UK site die and merge into this one? I.E When do we all stop using that one, or has that happened!!!





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Hya James,
the old site has already gone and the link now brings you here.

I love this site too. It's so much more interactive with our own wall pages for music photo albums etc..

I've posted a hints and tips thread in Off topic, if you need any help getting started.
Love Jennifer XX
Hi James and welcome I can honestly say I think you can give up on the old forum it all seems to be happening here.
The other forum will close sometime this month I have read.
So out with the old and in with the new
I think the new forum is great and more people seem to be posting now so it's all good.
All the best

Hi James..Welcome!!
Hi there James,
Glad to see you found us here. Haven't seen you post in a while, so anything new with you? Are you going to any of Michael's Concerts soon? Hope you can, and please feel free to share all the details.
This looks like a great new site for all of fans to share our expieriences. Lot's of learning for me though. :)

Hi All,

Thanks for the up date. I've been out of the loop somewhat recently!

As some of you will know, Jen and I were expecting a baby boy. Alexander John was born on March 29th 2010 at 1:05am! A healthy 8Ibs 11oz. Both Mother and Baby doing really well. I'm just thrilled, we both are and so so proud of him. Very gentle and laid back (just like his Daddy) and nothing seems to phase him!! I'll post some pics of him here if you like!!?

In terms of concerts, I'm treating Jen (who is a classically trained pianist) to her first MB concert at St. David's Hall in Cardiff. Cannot wait.

Love the two new tracks for One World One Love.

Anyways, glad I've found you all again, my extended MB family!! We've been together too long to lose touch now eh!!?

Keep smiling everyone and stay happy!!

Best, as always,

Congratulations to you both on your son Alexander (lovely name)
You sound like a proud dad your very lucky he's laid back........... enjoy every moment James they grow so very quickly
Would love to see some pictures of him
Best to you
Oh how wonderful!! I am honestly very happy for you both.

Alexander is a really stunning name and he certainly sounds like a real stunner.

I think I can speak for us all when I say that we would love to see some photos of your new miracle.

Love Jennifer XX
Congratulations James and Jen!
Hope you have started a Baby Book, the most precious moments all in there, to share with Alexander when he is grown. Time flies and before you know it, they are off to start their own family's...
Would love to see the photo's!

Hi James, congratulations on your new blessing! Alexander is a great name, full of character. That's my eldest son's name too. I'm a new poster here but lurked a lot on the old forum. You were the James who had an MB collection to sell, weren't you? If you were, I understand why you haven't been posting much! Congratulations again and be sure to let us know how your wife enjoyed the concert when you go. Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Congratulatiions James on birth of your son and the name is wonderful got few Alexander in are family.
Dear James what more can I say... than Congratulations for you and your wife with your new born son Alexander same name as our coming King off the Netherlands lol...
I wish you lots of health and happynes for the hole family.
lots of love Jacqueline



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