Check out and the  new track listing is there and you can listen to the two new songs:

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Gail I have the cd already, where is this one being released with the 2 new songs ? love what I've heard so far .
I realize that I can get it on Amazon lol but I mean where is this cd meant for the U..S ?
hi betty this is the us release album not the uk one
OOOHHHH i like them ,wish could hear whole song.x
So Helen the one I got from got of Amazon is Uk release? okay cool so maybe this one will be released in Canada as well..
Hey I like both songs so far! Especially My Lady! I like the hook. Now if Amazon's site for the songs would stop kicking me off AOL!! ARG!!! This is for the USA release of the album!!!

I love the sound of My Lady as well can't wait to hear all of it.
Thanks Gail for posting.
Love Dianna xxx

Corr!!! I love 'My lady' aswell. It's got a real catch to it hasnt it?

Oh my goodness, this wait is getting unbearable!! I know we havent had to wait as long as the USA guys, but boy, its torture isnt it?

Ooooh cant waiit!!!

Love Jennifer XXXX
both of the songs they are great love them but which one did michael write lol
Hmmmm, I wonder if its 'My lady'? But, there again it could be either of them couldnt it? Ha Ha!!

I love them both, but My lady, just pips it for me.

Love Jennifer XXX
My Lady has me hooked more than the other one so far...I love the words and the melody so far. I too wonder if he wrote that one or What You Are Doing To Me????

Wow!! Love both the new songs, can't wait to hear more.
Think my guess is Michael wrote What You're Doing To Me, both are so good though so could be either :)
Deb xx


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