Check out and the  new track listing is there and you can listen to the two new songs:

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Hi Sandra,
Nice to see you here. Welcome and thanks for your reply, At least I know that I wasn't the only one seeing this. Great CD that we US fans have been waiting for so long ..Do you have favorite yet?

Hi Kellie, my favourite on both the US and UK albums is Just One Love, I absolutely love that song, however, my favourite out of the 2 new songs is My Lady. I love all Michael,s music though, I rarely listen to anything else these days.
Take care,
Love Sandra xx
Hi everybody,

Can someone please email me the song "What you're doing to me" because I cannot download it from amazon because it's not available in my country.
My email address is:

Many thanks
Sorry minime, but we are not allowed to send the songs due to copyright issues.

The album is readily for sale on and aswell.

It is well worth buying as the two new songs are amazing!!

Love Jennifer
Thank you for the quick reply. I know all about copyright issues and I tried to buy the CD from the amazon but I live in Romania and everytime i try to buy it or download it , it tells me that it's not available in my country.
I have the european version of the album, one bought from London in september last year and one bought from Bucharest in october last year but as you know the US version has 2 new songs which I really like.
I'll try to buy it this summer from the States.

Thank you,
Hi Minime, Jennifer's right. Most of us who wanted the new songs bought the two versions of the album. I'm in Canada and had no problem getting it from Here's the direct link to the right version. Enjoy! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Hi again Raluca, I know you can't buy the mp3's from Amazon, sadly, noone out of the U.S. can, but I'm pretty sure you can buy the CD. I, as well as many fans, have been able to buy the U.K. version of the album so there shouldn't be a problem. I've posted the direct link in another post so good luck! Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada


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