Hi to all


will there be a second US single ?

It should, with Michael doing another round of TV appearances.

For me the best choice for the US single would be... "The Best" !

Wiil it be ? Gail any info ?


And you, what do you think ? What would be your choice for a second US single ???

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Hey Matthieu, did I miss something? Where did you see there’d be more TV appearances? James was saying on another thread that the singles weren’t even released for purchase. Not sure if he meant in the U.K., since he’s from the U.K. though. I agree about “The best” being a logical choice to be released as a single: it’s bouncy, catchy and a great summer song. I just wish we’d heard it more on the radio! “Murder my heart” was heard back in March up here when the CD was released and that’s about it… I hope you’re right about the TV appearances Matthieu, we could use some more promotion here! Thanks for posting! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada
Sorry, haven't heard anything about a new single..haven't heard anything ab ou new tv appearances....where did you see that? Gail


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