im trying to locate home for christmas which came out nov of 2010.i had seen it advertised on but then it disappeared.i was unable to find it in any feb i went to see michael in my hometown of greensburg,pa.i tried to get it then but no one knew of it.can anyone help me find a copy.reach me thru my personal email at you very much.i have everything that michael has put out including duets which my husband ordered for me.i look forward to hearing from someone soon.

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HI Sandylee, the Christmas CD was pushed back to THIS Holiday Season coming up as far as I know. So you haven't missed it.. They just delayed releasing it. I was in Greensburg PA too, front row. Was a great show!! Welcome to the forum!!


Robin in Maryland :)

thank you for replying so glad i didnt miss getting it.yesit was a great show as always.the 2 bats above even enjoyed the show. i guess they like michaels music too.thanks.hope to talk soon,update me on new stuff or if anything changes.

 Hello and welcome the the forum Sandylee,


Wasnt it a shame about Michaels christmas Cd, however, we've heard from the powers that be, that it is hopefully on schedule for release this year in time for christmas.


Keep on popping back here and become a regular poster and you wil be able to find out first hand news on the christmas cd release.


You will of course be aware that Michaels newset CD Gems is due for release on June 21st. So only 13 days until it is released now. Most of us on here have pre-ordered it using the link on the front page before you sign in here. The first 1,000 orders will recieve a bundle of T-shirt and signed CD booklet.


Have you also seen Michael working with The lonely Island guys on the Jack sparrow video? You must check it out if you havent seen it. It really is Michael as you've never seen him before or probably ever will see him again!! Ha Ha!!


Again welcome to the forum Sandylee.


Jennifer XXX

thanks jennifer i sure will.

I know the bats were so funny! The crew was trying to see them with flashlights before the show started off to the side of the stage!! Too funny..Post often.

Robin in MD :)

i told my little girl about it.she thought it was sweet and said well mommy they like michael bolton too maybe they needed a night out like you did.i thought that was so sweet.

Oh, brilliant Robin. what a story!!


Did they keep flying down towards the stage or just flying around the ceiling?


Some animals have such good taste dont they? My parrot seems to like Steel bars and was dancing to it the other day while she was perched on my computer desk!! It was an hilarious site to see.


Jennifer XX



The venue is an older theatre and I think they live there. It's very tall and they were flying over the audience and over the stage and backstage. MB told me after that he knew they were there but didn't want to mention it to the audience.. LOL  The crew were trying to follow them with the flashlights, we could see from our seats before the show started. And a few times MB was singing and they flew over the back part of his stage, it was funny!!!  Anyone who was at Greensburg, PA in Feb will remember the bats!! LOL

Robin :)

Ha Ha!! Can you imagine if Michael told the audience they were there? There might have been a mass stampede for the door!!


I wonder if any were captured on camera? They have a clam to fame that not many can say ' I appeared on stage with Michael Bolton!' Ha Ha Ha!!


Great story!!


Love Jennifer XX

i tried but it didnt turn out good,yeah theyre priviledgred bats,
yeah the bats were the bell of the ball but it was michael who made my night as he always does,he looked so hot that night,but then again he always does,i just miss his long hair,will he ever let it grow back
my cats just luv michael,yes the bats were a trip


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