New Year Resolutions for 2013......with a completely NEW slant !!!

Hi folks and as we are now into 2013 and I have managed to get into MB's (couldn't last night - problems with laptop) have decided, whilst the going is good, to get this thread kicked off for another year.

Sylvie and I still believe we should follow same pattern as for last year with us setting ourselves targets of what we hope to achieve each month and of course, any number of resolutions can be followed each month as well as any number being carried over into the following month where it may end up becoming something that we want to achieve throughout the year but the main thing is that, what we set ourselves, we attempt to achieve and we lend our support to each other in trying to reach our goals.

Please consider joining us for a little bit of seriousness but Sylvie and I hope too, a huge lot of laughs throughout the year because that is, without doubt, the #1 Resolution of this thread, to have, FUN !! :) 

We also believe that we should extend a very warm welcome to our very own "boss", Michael, for he has given us, so far, three of his own resolutions which he hopes to achieve this year and so we invite him to share with us on here how he is getting on achieving his goals and also, if he just wants a little bit of encouragement to keep going with his aims, we are here to support him and we want him to know that.   Also if he decides, at some point in time throughout the year, to set himself another goal he is more than welcome to share it with us on here and again, we will give him all the support he needs !! :)  Believe, more than appropriate to place Michael's 3 Resolutions on here along with pictures he sent and so here is the first........................


"New Year Resolution #1.  Spend lotsa time with Millie & Gwenny! MB" and the picture is a beautiful one of Michael standing at a patio door, at home in Westport, holding Amelia (Millie) in his arms and it was taken at same time as the beautiful one he sent of himself sitting at table working on book with Amelia dancing in background and in this one Michael is facing camera and he is holding Amelia, who is in profile, but the beautiful thing is she has a little back-pack strapped on and she has an arm up going across strap as though showing the world; "this is mine and your not getting it" or at least trying to keep it on her shoulder for it does look a little bitty big !! :)




"New Year Resolution #2.  Enjoy more golf with great buddies like Bruce & Dan. MB" and in this picture are the three of them along with, I believe MB's caddy, for it is an older picture and I am sure it is taken at one of the golf competitions and they are standing on one of the greens of the course.  I will check it out and find out exactly when taken once access into my files is a little bitty easier, safer and more guaranteed than of now !! LOL. 




Now for Resolution #3........

"New Years Resolution #3.  Keep the reciprocal inspiration going with amazing artists like Melanie!" and this picture is a beautiful one of a close up, from waist, of MB and Melanie Fiona and Michael's smile is one of the widest and happiest that he gives and equally too, so is Melanie' is a beautiful picture !! :)


Here is #4......"New Year Resolution #4 continue to revel in all the greats who paved the paths. MB" and in this picture Michael is, I believe, in the Motown Museum for there are a couple of pictures on the wall and you can see a couple and I think, one is of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and the other is of The Temptations and am now changing that thought for sure as I believe now it is in fact of Quincey Jones.....could be totally wrong, nowt new there then....and Michael is standing looking up towards what I would imagine is another picture you cannot see and at his back you can see part of a piano and that is what makes me think it is the Museum and it is the piano that was originally used in a lot of the Motown recordings and which was restored last year.



 Now I believe we will have to wait for #5 and I am pretty certain there is going to be one and I wonder how many there could be in total.....7 ????? lol.    Must say that I do hope Michael isn't celebrating his 60th birthday this year by pulling a joke on us all with these resolutions date.....there have been 4 and we have another 56 days till the 26th February....56 + 4 = 60......coincidence ??????? LOL.    Obviously if anymore do appear I will place on here !!! :)

.........and #5 has just popped up and it is..............."New Years resolution #5 Dream bigger & bolder than ever!!" and the picture that goes along with is a wonderfully, stunningly, beautiful one and a view to get lost in anytime of the year !! :)    It is looking off into the horizon and is taken at sunset and you can see a little strip of land which is dark with palm trees on and there dark shadows creep up into the sunset and just before horizon is a strip of water and you are not half way up on the picture for the following section takes you onto the horizon where the sun is setting and what is captured there would stand alone as an absolutely beautiful picture for the sky is on fire and you can feel the heat, if any could be generated from it let alone the tremendous light shining out....I know I am letting my imagination run riot but I don't believe there would be many who wouldn't see something like that looking at something so beautiful.....and then the top half of the picture is of clouds appearing dark because of the sunset and they are of all various shapes and sizes with little whispy white ones too and in between them the brilliant blue sky shining through and in some respects it is like looking at day and night in the one picture for you have the brilliance of the sky above the clouds still bathed in sunshine with the land below entering night.  It is truly, truly gorgeous !! :)



We await #6 and I do not know how MB is going to top that one with the next photo !!! lol.

Hope you will all join in and more importantly, that you all enjoy this thread and cheers to you all for 2013 and may it prove to be one of the best years ever for us all with plenty of "Bolton Adventures" for us to share !! :)  


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia from Scotland.







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Happy New Year for every one from France . I think the year 2013 will be plenty of "Bolton Adventures"  Enjoy .


Thank you Francoise and the same to you for a wonderful 2013 !! :)    Do hope you will pop in here often and if not to leave a comment, at least to follow what is going on and as I have said, hopefully, get a few laughs during the year by what some of us will get up to in the coming months !! :)

Thanks for coming in here and kicking this thread off......thanks Francoise !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Bonjour Françoise, a happy new year to you too! Do you want to try and make monthly resolutions on this thread with us? I hope you join in. Take care Françoise. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada :D

traduction:une bonne année à toi aussi! Penses-tu que tu voudrais essayer de prendre des résolutions mensuelles avec nous? J'espère que tu vas nous joindre. Prends soin de toi. Câlins, sincèrement, Sylvie du Canada

ma résolution de ce mois-ci est de perdre 3 kg . Si j'arrive à perdre 3 kg par mois en 2013 ce sera impeccable !! je ne veux pas trop rêver LOL mais je vous donne le résultat au 1er février . Calins , prenez soin de vous . Françoise de France 

OMG folks I nearly had heart failure there for I pressed "add discussion" me nothing happened but up popped "internet connection disconnected" and I hadn't copied what I had put in so needless to say it was, most certainly, with trepidation that I crept back in here to see, IF and oh boy, was there a sigh of relief, WHEN.......!!! LOL.

Wanted to come in and leave first post by saying I am off and running again with the same resolution that I finished with, last year, and that is to get back to that gym and I plan on visiting it next Monday so will report back after then to let you know how it went, or not !!!!! LOL.  Also too for January I want to and must, lose weight .....won't tell you my starting weight but will tell you how much I lose because lose I am going to !!! lol.  Haven't got a third one yet, like Michael, but I suppose I could say to make sure I don't poison my brother and nephew today for I am cooking dinner again and at least they survived last week's so here is hoping for today !!!!! LOL.

Hope you all have an absolutely terrific New Year's Day, whatever you are doing, be it spending it with family, friends, or on your own;   make sure you make it special, just for you, so that the start of 2013 feels like and goes on to prove to be, a wonderful, wonderful New Year !!! :)    Slainte Mhath !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, good to read you made it! The only resolution I'll take on this month is to finish my 2 fabric squares for Michael's wall-hanging and send them to Amie. Or maybe I'll resolve to be more consistent with the exercize. I don't mind doing it, but I need to schedule the time. I do have one giant resolution, but want to start next month and that's to file things away, whether in the house or on the computer. I'm writing it down publicly so I have to kick myself in the pants! lol I just need to get organized. Sylvia, do you think, since we had trouble last year to keep tabs, that we should rendez-vous once a week to check on progress?  Think I'll try to do that because for me, every little bit will help. Good luck on the gym resolution sweetie and maybe you can try again in the spring for that darn storm door! :D Thanks again for starting the thread Sylvia, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

I am back in the world of the !!! LOL    Things not completely repaired but well on the road to being.....thank goodness and will just keep fingers crossed for just now !!! :)

I have tidied up the description a bit and have managed to get photos added plus have put on 4th resolution and as I am starting to feel slightly shattered from today's activities will make this do for tonight and catch up with other stuff tomorrow.   Have had a super day and my little meal went down a treat and once again not a thing burnt, forgotten or dropped on the floor.....I think my stars are aligning for 2013 or else someone is playing games and allowing me to feel a false sense of security !! LOL    Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's Day and all your plans came together perfectly and gave you a day that you will remember for a very long time.......Happy New Year once again and slainte mhath to you all !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Oh hey, Sylvie, don't mention filing......that is a dirty word in this house now after the state of my laptop was divulged where files were falling on the floor and just about meeting me coming in the door and quite honestly no wonder things wouldn't start for couldn't get past all the rubbish to stand a chance !!!!!! LOL.   I didn't appreciate that every single thing you do on the internet gets captured and kept for I think you can all appreciate that I kind of dance around this place constantly and you can forget gangnam style for I do the quick step, no problem !!!!!! LOL. 

Wish you well with what you have set yourself and thank goodness I have finished my square, posting tomorrow, because I have to start on his birthday the materials for but going to take a little bit of time to put together so maybe get started on that next because I also want to decorate my kitchen as I am just getting kind of fed up looking at the same old for I basically have kept it exactly as it was when I moved in just kept freshning up but whilst doing Christmas shopping happened to spot wallpaper I fell in love with and got a little sample and when I placed it  in different parts....yes, I fell in love with more and have decided to go for some walls wallpaper and some emulsion so am going to shop tomorrow and get samples for emulsion and then get started and good thing is I don't have any old wallpaper to scrape off only a border so I can practically get started right away......been a while since I have wallpapered but I always loved doing it and seeing the transformation taking shape in a room so looking forward to and at least I don't have any time schedule for getting finished so can take my time and too it is only myself I will annoy by the mess I will create so will not have anyone on my back hurrying me along !!! lol.

Like your idea of a rendez-vous just a pity we couldn't pick somewhere exotic and different each week to, when do we start synchronizing the watches or, is that just going a bit, too 007  !!!!!! LOL.


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, nice image! Well, your laptop didn’t come with a manual on how to run it effectively, did it? I frankly don’t know if they do, but I honestly think companies should come up with simplified  manuals that don’t require a pilot’s license to read and assimilate. I actually started filing a few things away yesterday and haven’t touched my squares! Lol You see, I have over 1100 CD’s and I file them by artist alphabetically, so you can imagine what happens when I have to file a new one under “B”... XD That’s why I wait until I have a few to file away so it’s worth the trouble. I have a couple of MB birthday related things to deal with myself, but most likely will wait after my daughter’s visit next week. Good for you redecorating Sylvia! I was just telling Kathy from Tulsa the other day that in January, I feel like spring cleaning myself. I don’t know, it’s a fresh new year, the promise of exciting things ahead: it gets the old juices flowing again, all we need is time! :D Pardon my French upbringing but what is emulsion? My Thysaurus gives me: “mix, mixture, liquid, suspension, blend” for synonyms. Hmm, I wonder how Jack and Jill will react on not being consulted with for that... ;D On the rendez-vous, what day is easier for you? You want to make it a Monday or Friday thing, or do it on Wednesday to break up the monotony? Let me know. Heehee, at least, you said “synchronize our watches”, not “Swatches”! lol Actually, Monday might be better for me next week since my daughter’s coming and there’ll be much to do during the week, so hope that’s okay. Take care Sylvia and thanks for the informative and fun comment. ;D Take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Sylvie and I think with the computer that although I had said I know nothing about computers I believe John thought I was exaggerating a little and that in this technological day and age I had to know something.....little did he know that when his old auntie says she knows nothing she means that literally for I am not very much into exaggerating for the truth is the truth and a fact is a fact and sure is a fact that I know very little about computers and I for sure am still learning how they work !!! lol.

Emulsion is emulsion paint that you put on walls and ceilings and over embossed wallpaper because although it is a type of paint it is not as heavy as paint and therefore doesn't hide patterns on wallpaper and too the method that is used to produce makes it more spreadable, if you like, than paint and you can cover a larger area with the same amount.  Don't know the principle of how it is made but know it is always emulsion paint for ceilings and walls i.e. on plaster or on wallpaper whereas you always associate paint with going on wood or metal.   So basically some walls are going to be emulsioned in a self colour and other walls are going to be in other words all I am doing is what I love to do, cause confusion by not being orthodox....yeah, why conform to the norm when you can do your own thing ????? LOL.

Monday for a little pow wow suits me fine especially this coming Monday for I would be coming in here in any case as I am still determined to get to that gym so I will need to report how many times I fell flat on my face on the treadmill....I had better remember to attach that little safety clip to myself that comes with the treadmills just in case the crawling pace does become too much for me !! LOL.

BTW have updated the description of the discussion by adding the pictures I couldn't yesterday and have added Michael's 5th resolution as well and it certainly still looks as though we are going to get somemore......I wonder if 7 or maybe for each month or, he fools us all, by making it 8 !!!!! LOL. 


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Below is a translation of post Francoise has put in...........


"my resolution of this month is to lose 3 kg. If I can lose 3 kg per month in 2013 it will be perfect! I don't want too much dreaming LOL but I give you the result on February 1. Hugs, take care of yourself. Françoise de France"

I have brought translation down to here Francoise so that everyone will see and it will not get lost with all that has been put in after because I am so pleased that you have joined in the "fun" in here by sharing with us what your resolution is for this month.   I want to wish you all the very best in achieving your aim and look forward to hearing back from you on 1st February.   Good luck Francoise !! :)

Translation of above to French.........

J'ai apporté la traduction vers le bas pour ici Françoise afin que tout le monde verra et il obtiendra pas perdu avec tout ce qui a été mises en après parce que je suis tellement heureux que vous avez rejoint dans le « fun » à ici de partager avec nous ce que votre résolution est ce mois-ci. Je vous souhaite tout le meilleur dans la réalisation de votre objectif et nous espérons à l'audition de vous le 1er février. Bonne chance Françoise!! :)

Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Merci Sylvia pour la traduction et les encouragements . Pour vous aussi, bon courage !



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