New Year Resolutions for 2013......with a completely NEW slant !!!

Hi folks and as we are now into 2013 and I have managed to get into MB's (couldn't last night - problems with laptop) have decided, whilst the going is good, to get this thread kicked off for another year.

Sylvie and I still believe we should follow same pattern as for last year with us setting ourselves targets of what we hope to achieve each month and of course, any number of resolutions can be followed each month as well as any number being carried over into the following month where it may end up becoming something that we want to achieve throughout the year but the main thing is that, what we set ourselves, we attempt to achieve and we lend our support to each other in trying to reach our goals.

Please consider joining us for a little bit of seriousness but Sylvie and I hope too, a huge lot of laughs throughout the year because that is, without doubt, the #1 Resolution of this thread, to have, FUN !! :) 

We also believe that we should extend a very warm welcome to our very own "boss", Michael, for he has given us, so far, three of his own resolutions which he hopes to achieve this year and so we invite him to share with us on here how he is getting on achieving his goals and also, if he just wants a little bit of encouragement to keep going with his aims, we are here to support him and we want him to know that.   Also if he decides, at some point in time throughout the year, to set himself another goal he is more than welcome to share it with us on here and again, we will give him all the support he needs !! :)  Believe, more than appropriate to place Michael's 3 Resolutions on here along with pictures he sent and so here is the first........................


"New Year Resolution #1.  Spend lotsa time with Millie & Gwenny! MB" and the picture is a beautiful one of Michael standing at a patio door, at home in Westport, holding Amelia (Millie) in his arms and it was taken at same time as the beautiful one he sent of himself sitting at table working on book with Amelia dancing in background and in this one Michael is facing camera and he is holding Amelia, who is in profile, but the beautiful thing is she has a little back-pack strapped on and she has an arm up going across strap as though showing the world; "this is mine and your not getting it" or at least trying to keep it on her shoulder for it does look a little bitty big !! :)




"New Year Resolution #2.  Enjoy more golf with great buddies like Bruce & Dan. MB" and in this picture are the three of them along with, I believe MB's caddy, for it is an older picture and I am sure it is taken at one of the golf competitions and they are standing on one of the greens of the course.  I will check it out and find out exactly when taken once access into my files is a little bitty easier, safer and more guaranteed than of now !! LOL. 




Now for Resolution #3........

"New Years Resolution #3.  Keep the reciprocal inspiration going with amazing artists like Melanie!" and this picture is a beautiful one of a close up, from waist, of MB and Melanie Fiona and Michael's smile is one of the widest and happiest that he gives and equally too, so is Melanie' is a beautiful picture !! :)


Here is #4......"New Year Resolution #4 continue to revel in all the greats who paved the paths. MB" and in this picture Michael is, I believe, in the Motown Museum for there are a couple of pictures on the wall and you can see a couple and I think, one is of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and the other is of The Temptations and am now changing that thought for sure as I believe now it is in fact of Quincey Jones.....could be totally wrong, nowt new there then....and Michael is standing looking up towards what I would imagine is another picture you cannot see and at his back you can see part of a piano and that is what makes me think it is the Museum and it is the piano that was originally used in a lot of the Motown recordings and which was restored last year.



 Now I believe we will have to wait for #5 and I am pretty certain there is going to be one and I wonder how many there could be in total.....7 ????? lol.    Must say that I do hope Michael isn't celebrating his 60th birthday this year by pulling a joke on us all with these resolutions date.....there have been 4 and we have another 56 days till the 26th February....56 + 4 = 60......coincidence ??????? LOL.    Obviously if anymore do appear I will place on here !!! :)

.........and #5 has just popped up and it is..............."New Years resolution #5 Dream bigger & bolder than ever!!" and the picture that goes along with is a wonderfully, stunningly, beautiful one and a view to get lost in anytime of the year !! :)    It is looking off into the horizon and is taken at sunset and you can see a little strip of land which is dark with palm trees on and there dark shadows creep up into the sunset and just before horizon is a strip of water and you are not half way up on the picture for the following section takes you onto the horizon where the sun is setting and what is captured there would stand alone as an absolutely beautiful picture for the sky is on fire and you can feel the heat, if any could be generated from it let alone the tremendous light shining out....I know I am letting my imagination run riot but I don't believe there would be many who wouldn't see something like that looking at something so beautiful.....and then the top half of the picture is of clouds appearing dark because of the sunset and they are of all various shapes and sizes with little whispy white ones too and in between them the brilliant blue sky shining through and in some respects it is like looking at day and night in the one picture for you have the brilliance of the sky above the clouds still bathed in sunshine with the land below entering night.  It is truly, truly gorgeous !! :)



We await #6 and I do not know how MB is going to top that one with the next photo !!! lol.

Hope you will all join in and more importantly, that you all enjoy this thread and cheers to you all for 2013 and may it prove to be one of the best years ever for us all with plenty of "Bolton Adventures" for us to share !! :)  


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia from Scotland.







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Boy, another seven days have gone by and what a seven days they have been because.....first of all on the question on 7' you all know that yesterday was the 7th day of the 7th month and tennis player, Andy Murray, had played in 7 Wimbledons:  that it was 77 years since Fred Perry won the Men's Trophy, for Britain, at Wimbledon and that the last time a Brit held a singles trophy was when Virginia Wade won the Ladies Final in 1977...and....have a guess what.....Andy Murray won it yesterday, yipeeeeeeee !!!! :)     Just a wee, wee bit delighted and so, so pleased at him doing so....I burst into tears and saw him climbing up into the box through a hazy mist but what a fantastic match for he played out of his skin and deserved to win and whilst the temperatures soared down there ours started to climb too and today we have a heatwave and I have been out turning myself on the spit to get evenly done but I was starting to fry just a little bit so have come in to let the steam and the sound of the sizzling settle down before I head back out to make sure I get done properly ....... for I do like a very well done steak; none of your rare or medium for me, no way !!!!!! LOL 

On other little matters I haven't started on those railings yet for what I decided to do was more of the actual building and I bought myself an extension pole.....yes Sylvie, you got me thinking on that and so I went out and found......and have now painted up to the beginning of the upstairs window ledges and have done same round back and the building looks tremendous....had to do front twice but what a difference and because above that the wall is slightly protected from the elements by the eaves the whole place looks pretty spruced up now.   The only thing was, did I suffer....oh boy, what an understatement, for my extension pole extended 15 feet so I think you can imagine folks that everytime I extended it to its full potential and tried to balance it and get on that wall was as near to performing a miracle as I am sure I'll ever come; how my windows never ended up painted, I do not know but it wasn't long before my neck started to feel the effects with constantly looking up and after first day, in the morning, I thought I wasn't going to be able to lift my arms high enough to brush my hair let alone do any painting ever again but, I did and it is now all done except the side which I will do when people upstairs go on holiday as that contains the entrance to their house and with four kids running about don't fancy attempting just now so will start on railings during week until they disappear and I can do in peace.   Basically that and watching Wimbledon was all I did during week so whilst not a tremendous amount I certainly had ever second filled and there wasn't one dull one among them so it ended up a pretty terrific week overall and one I thoroughly enjoyed and with this mini heatwave today this week sure has started well too and just to hope it continues.

Hope everyone else is having as good a summer as I am having and all enjoying some good sunshine and happy times doing all that you want to do and achieve......good luck everyone !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, I checked messages when I got up and you hadn’t posted so thought I’d be the first today. Then I go get breakfast and you’re here! :D Well on the “7” thing, I somehow always remember it because I associate it with Holly B’s birthday on 7/7/77. Glad to hear Wimbledon was exciting as ever for you! Sylvia, I know I say this every year but girl, get some sunscreen, if you want to enjoy the heatwave! Sorry for mothering you, but somebody has to! Lol Well it’s about time you get some decent summer weather, isn’t it? We’ve been having a scorcherfor about 2 weeks here: high 20’s Celsius plus humidity. My goodness, your neighbours won’t recognize your place once you’re done... I’m glad my suggestion helped you Sylvia: nice mental picture, by the way! :D Well sounds like you still got a pretty good workout done so it counts in my book! Well on my side, the PM filing is a slower process but it’s getting done. My walking is getting done, but with a Chinese fan! Lol I’ve started organising the closet already, but don’t know how I’ll fit everything I want to fit in, so may have to rethink. I went to the dollar store and got some little organisers for art supplies which were filled instantly, did file the box set, which was an opera this week and even got a load off to good will. I still need to work on the art supplies and closet, but I’m off to a great start! I can’t tell you how motivating it is to have to report Sylvia... I wish Katia and Françoise would drop inand tell us how they’re doing and anyone else with a goal, but in the meantime, I’ll wish you more good weather and break a leg on those railings. Take care Sylvia and have a great week! Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

I was only joking about sizzling for I can assure you I do wear sunscreen or I would burn to a crisp......I get it on before I even step outside and keep refreshing during day but I am definitely a good colour of brown on the parts that get exposed and in fact that is not very much, most is covered up believe it or not but found out today that in fact this has to last for the rest of the week which sounds pretty good but without doubt if I want to get any outside work done it will have to be either early morning or at night but I will not complain and see how it goes !!! :)

Glad to hear everything still going okay with you and hope your good weather continues as well.....have a great week !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi all, guess I'm the first one here today. I want to get this out of the way before I go soak in a cold tub: the scorcher has just turned up another notch here. We're expecting 32 Celsius plus humidity of about 843. XP My E-mail filing is inching along, mp3 filing also. I got more organizers  and I'm waist-deep in art supplies but I'll get there. I'm walking a bit less but about the 1 hour minimum. The closet is partially done, I just need to figure out how to fit another organizer. My weekly box set was filed and even threw in a couple more LP's so I'm generally doing well. I think I'll need to move the big floor fan if I want to finish up the closet this week. I can take the heat, but the humidity is a killer! Well hope  some of your plans have worked out and everyone's been enjoying pleasant weather. Take care and hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie Q c Canada :D

Hi Sylvie and glad everything going well with you and that you are pleased with what you have got done for have got to say, so am I for I started on my !!!! :)   Yesterday morning sun was not shining so I got out there and got tore in but it is as bad a job as I thought it was going to be so it is going to take me a little while and especially too as I am going to be rather pernickety and make sure I do it cutting corners but what I did was divided the work up and I have between two sets of railings, that I want to get done this year, six panels and I did one on Sunday before the sun came back out and the heat claimed me...had to stop !!!! lol   Sun not really in evidence today but my upstairs neighbours went on holiday and she is not a gardener and the side path of the house, which they own but I have right of access too, was just getting a mess with shrubs which are in a flower bed which runs the length of the path completely overgrown and started to fall over onto path so before they left I gave the kids money to buy ice cream, or whatever, and at same time asked her if she minded if  I sorted garden...of course she said, no, she didn't mind so that is what I have been doing all day and boy am I pleased I have done for what a darn just cut them all back, pull out all the weeds and brush the stones back to where they should be instead of all over path where the kids put them all and the place looks lovely and I have our two garden bins full.....might be shattered but I love days like today when I really know I have been doing something and something worthwhile too and at least now it clears the way for me to get on and paint wall and rone pipe so just hoping it stays dry tomorrow and I will get that done.   This little house is coming along fine now, eventually !!!!!! LOL. 

Away to make myself some dinner and I am going to lie in the tub tonight and soak these old long as they don't seize up and I get stuck in the you think I should take my mobile phone with me so that I can call out the fire brigade if I do ??????????????????? ROFL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, phew, your railings sound like a job and a half! I would so love to see your garden girl: it shows that you really care about it... Well your neighbours will be gone for a bit, so you should have plenty of time to finish the house painting. Sounds like you’re doing quite a job and you’re pretty quick about it too. There’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment, is there? :D Oh you don’t need to take your cell phone with you: I’m sure Jack and Jill could help you! Lol Well I hope that yesterday’s aftermath isn’t too rough on you and I wish you a good continuation on those railings Sylvia, take care and have a great week. Hugs,sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

LOL Sylvie at Jack and Jill helping me for wish Jack would consider it for right now he could do with a bath because with him being so white and with everywhere now being so dry he is, putting it mildly, filthy and I just get about half of it off with brushing and a bit of kitchen roll and back out he goes and comes back dirtier than before  !!! LOL  I asked the vet, last time I was there, if anything I could do and his suggestion was chase him with a bucket of water and as I said to him;  thanks a bunch for such a brilliant suggestion but as he said, on a serious note, unless they have, when young been used to getting baths and around water, there is nothing you can do.  

Just a little up-date as this morning I felt fine so headed out to get groceries and headed to DIY store to pick up essentials to get these jobs done because I have had to watch the expenditure but as my pension went in yesterday I am flush again so stocked up on what I will need and when I got back home went out and painted the rone pipe so that it will be dry for tomorrow when I start painting the wall for that is the plan.....up early, breakfast over and straight out the door and attack that wall so hopefully, if the forecast is right, I can be finished in afternoon and concentrate on the tan, book and Mr. Bolton......a little bit of heaven coming up !!!! lol


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


lol So your vet is a comedian too? Wow, sounds like a lovely afternoon Sylvia, can I come over? :D Take care sweetie and break a leg. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada 

Have fun tomorrow, Sylvia. As far as Jack, I know what you mean. Ash is white undercoat, neck and paws. Awhile back I put slightly soapy water in the tub, making sure of course her claws were freshly trimmed lest she decided to claw me for such malice against her, LOL...., picked her up and put her in for a few seconds talking sweetly to her. Now, she did not like it much, imagine that, but wrapped her in a towel and dried her best I could. She definitely smelled better and felt sooooo soft afterwards. You might try a quick dip and see, never know, Jack might do better than you think but be ready to protect yourself, LOL....don't want you to get bit or clawed. Good luck!!!


Kathy T. :)
P.S. Sylvia, on second thought have you considered a cat bath for Jack at a vet or groomers? Ash and I survived her bath pretty well, may not be the case with Jack. Be safe in whatever you might decide to do though. HUGS,

Kathy T.

Hi Kathy and vet wouldn't carry out a service like that and maybe in larger towns you may have groomers but not here but believe too in the UK they are more catered to dogs.  Also have to say we do not cut cats claws to remember there are quite a few different customs/rules/laws concerning animals between the USA and UK and all you have to think of is the docking of tails of certain breeds of dogs although a lot of that is now illegal in the UK but I have yet to see a long tailed an ornament of one sitting in my hallway but that is it !!!! LOL

Thanks for good wishes for today and am just about finished breakfast, (9.15 a.m.) beautiful day again and am shortly heading out to hit that wall !!! LOL   I had better get on today for over next few days our temps have to soar and here in bonny Scotland we have to go up to at least 28 C so believe in my little garden which is like a little bowl it will go much higher because it already was up there one day last week......fantastic !!!! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for informing me about the UKs customs regarding animals. Hope you finished your project today. Give Jack and Jill a hug for me, they are cuties. Hug to you too.

Kathy T.


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