New Year Resolutions for 2013......with a completely NEW slant !!!

Hi folks and as we are now into 2013 and I have managed to get into MB's (couldn't last night - problems with laptop) have decided, whilst the going is good, to get this thread kicked off for another year.

Sylvie and I still believe we should follow same pattern as for last year with us setting ourselves targets of what we hope to achieve each month and of course, any number of resolutions can be followed each month as well as any number being carried over into the following month where it may end up becoming something that we want to achieve throughout the year but the main thing is that, what we set ourselves, we attempt to achieve and we lend our support to each other in trying to reach our goals.

Please consider joining us for a little bit of seriousness but Sylvie and I hope too, a huge lot of laughs throughout the year because that is, without doubt, the #1 Resolution of this thread, to have, FUN !! :) 

We also believe that we should extend a very warm welcome to our very own "boss", Michael, for he has given us, so far, three of his own resolutions which he hopes to achieve this year and so we invite him to share with us on here how he is getting on achieving his goals and also, if he just wants a little bit of encouragement to keep going with his aims, we are here to support him and we want him to know that.   Also if he decides, at some point in time throughout the year, to set himself another goal he is more than welcome to share it with us on here and again, we will give him all the support he needs !! :)  Believe, more than appropriate to place Michael's 3 Resolutions on here along with pictures he sent and so here is the first........................


"New Year Resolution #1.  Spend lotsa time with Millie & Gwenny! MB" and the picture is a beautiful one of Michael standing at a patio door, at home in Westport, holding Amelia (Millie) in his arms and it was taken at same time as the beautiful one he sent of himself sitting at table working on book with Amelia dancing in background and in this one Michael is facing camera and he is holding Amelia, who is in profile, but the beautiful thing is she has a little back-pack strapped on and she has an arm up going across strap as though showing the world; "this is mine and your not getting it" or at least trying to keep it on her shoulder for it does look a little bitty big !! :)




"New Year Resolution #2.  Enjoy more golf with great buddies like Bruce & Dan. MB" and in this picture are the three of them along with, I believe MB's caddy, for it is an older picture and I am sure it is taken at one of the golf competitions and they are standing on one of the greens of the course.  I will check it out and find out exactly when taken once access into my files is a little bitty easier, safer and more guaranteed than of now !! LOL. 




Now for Resolution #3........

"New Years Resolution #3.  Keep the reciprocal inspiration going with amazing artists like Melanie!" and this picture is a beautiful one of a close up, from waist, of MB and Melanie Fiona and Michael's smile is one of the widest and happiest that he gives and equally too, so is Melanie' is a beautiful picture !! :)


Here is #4......"New Year Resolution #4 continue to revel in all the greats who paved the paths. MB" and in this picture Michael is, I believe, in the Motown Museum for there are a couple of pictures on the wall and you can see a couple and I think, one is of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell and the other is of The Temptations and am now changing that thought for sure as I believe now it is in fact of Quincey Jones.....could be totally wrong, nowt new there then....and Michael is standing looking up towards what I would imagine is another picture you cannot see and at his back you can see part of a piano and that is what makes me think it is the Museum and it is the piano that was originally used in a lot of the Motown recordings and which was restored last year.



 Now I believe we will have to wait for #5 and I am pretty certain there is going to be one and I wonder how many there could be in total.....7 ????? lol.    Must say that I do hope Michael isn't celebrating his 60th birthday this year by pulling a joke on us all with these resolutions date.....there have been 4 and we have another 56 days till the 26th February....56 + 4 = 60......coincidence ??????? LOL.    Obviously if anymore do appear I will place on here !!! :)

.........and #5 has just popped up and it is..............."New Years resolution #5 Dream bigger & bolder than ever!!" and the picture that goes along with is a wonderfully, stunningly, beautiful one and a view to get lost in anytime of the year !! :)    It is looking off into the horizon and is taken at sunset and you can see a little strip of land which is dark with palm trees on and there dark shadows creep up into the sunset and just before horizon is a strip of water and you are not half way up on the picture for the following section takes you onto the horizon where the sun is setting and what is captured there would stand alone as an absolutely beautiful picture for the sky is on fire and you can feel the heat, if any could be generated from it let alone the tremendous light shining out....I know I am letting my imagination run riot but I don't believe there would be many who wouldn't see something like that looking at something so beautiful.....and then the top half of the picture is of clouds appearing dark because of the sunset and they are of all various shapes and sizes with little whispy white ones too and in between them the brilliant blue sky shining through and in some respects it is like looking at day and night in the one picture for you have the brilliance of the sky above the clouds still bathed in sunshine with the land below entering night.  It is truly, truly gorgeous !! :)



We await #6 and I do not know how MB is going to top that one with the next photo !!! lol.

Hope you will all join in and more importantly, that you all enjoy this thread and cheers to you all for 2013 and may it prove to be one of the best years ever for us all with plenty of "Bolton Adventures" for us to share !! :)  


Sylvie from Canada and Sylvia from Scotland.







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Hi friend Scotland and Quebec. I enjoyed reading that you have advanced in your 1st resolutions for 2013. For me it's something else, but I persevere. My diabetes is not well balanced, hypoglycemia = sugar and weight gain. I eat grilled meats, salads etc. .. So I still count on my lucky star. Congratulations to you both and continue. Your friend in France.

Merci Françoise et bonne chance avec ton diabète ma belle! Je te souhaite bonne chance aussi pour trouver une solution-santé à ton hypoglycémie. Fais attention à toi et encore bien du courage! Câlins, sincèrement, Sylvie du Canada


I thanked Françoise for her good wishes and wished her to find a healthy solution for her hypoglicemia and lots of courage. Hugs to all, sincerely, Sylvie from Canada

Hi Francoise and sorry to hear your diabetes is causing you problems as far as your desire to lose have larger hurdles to overcome than most of us in that regard but please remember your health comes first before how you look to the outside world.   I have a niece who is also Type 1 diabetic and she has landed up in hospital a few times from letting herself go to be very, very careful !!    Do hope you will and can keep perserving Francoise and thanks so much for coming in here and joining with us in your "resolutions".....merci !!!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


The day has finally arrived, 29th January; woohoo, in Michael's words and I know I am a day late coming in here but last night (Monday, 28th) just before I went to bed I wrote my little "piece" ....typed my name and realized I had made a mistake....pressed a button which I thought was the one to go back ....but, here it wasn't that button.....for all my message disappeared and this laptop nearly disappeared out the window, Sylvia thought it was time to just go to bed and that was exactly what she did !!! LOL.

Totally off topic but today is not only MB's book publishing day but it is my brother's 83rd birthday and we had a little "party" thingy on Sunday which leads me into a good excuse as to why no weight loss this week for desert was on the menu as well as a few little alcoholic beverages....know what I mean and they do contain a lot of calories so; maybe next week there will be a difference....hope so !! :)

On my wallpapering adventure things are coming along nicely and even my brother and nephew remaked on what a good job I was doing but that is the only trouble;  for now, as it is starting to really take shape and look good, I am wasting time standing admiring what I have just done instead of getting to the next piece !!! LOL   Know I won't be finished everything by end of month but I may have all wallpapering done; still got three days, so hopefully !!! lol. 


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Hey Sylvia, my excuse not coming in yesterday is that I got a surprise visit from my youngest daughter and I had a tough time catching up after she left. Congratulations on at least finishing up your wall-papering and glad to hear you've had a fun weekend Sylvia. :D I'm sure you'll compensate on the weight loss next week and be extra good... ;D  Well on my side, I've managed to keep up with about 6 walks a week and my squares went out in the mail last Saturday so yay! The filing has gone by the wayside this past week, but I said I was going to do that next month anyway so I don't feel too too bad. Thanks for your report Sylvia, maybe we'll try to make it Monday next week... :D Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Bonsoir à toutes,

I come with you to the point. I lost 3 kg 200, but I also party with friends this weekend, a good time to decompress, even if it is not good for the diet that is good for morale, and I believe I was greatly needed. I saw some things done in a timely manner, so go ahead and courage and above all you days be filled with small pleasures.



Heureux d'entendre que vous avez maigri Katia  !! :)   Je me réjouis d'entendre que vous étiez aussi distrait de votre alimentation en fin de semaine et j'espère que vous avez eu un temps fabuleux  !! :)   Nous seront tous les deux d'accord essayer de suivre notre régime alimentaire maintenant... ou du moins pendant un petit moment  !!! LOL.

I have said to Katia that I am pleased she has lost weight and also pleased to that she was distracted from her diet, as I was, over the weekend and hoped that she had a fabulous time.   Said that I think that we had better agree to get back to our diets again.....or at least for a little while  !! LOL


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


Allo Katia, félicitations  pour tes 3 kilos perdus! Est-ce depuis le début de l'année? De toute façon, bravo d'avoir réussi à perdre au moins! On en a besoin de petits écarts à l'occasion, tant qu'on reste sur le droit chemin la plupart du temps! Continues le droit chemin: ça a l'air de fonctionner pour toi! Fais attention à toi et à la semaine prochaine. Câlins, sincèrement, Sylvie Qc Canada


I congratulated Katia on her weight loss and told her we need to stray a little from time to time, as long as we stay on the straight and narrow for most of the time. I also told her to keep up the good work since it seems to be working for her and we'd see her next week. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada

Bonsoir à toutes . Un petit point sur ma résolution du mois . Je suis loin du résultat escompté mais j'ai perdu 400g !! et non ce n'est pas une plaisanterie . Il est vrai que mon jogging se fait en ce moment sur la chaise devant l'ordinateur !!! Pour vous trois , je pense que l'objectif est atteint . Si c'est le cas félicitations !
Merci à Sylvia, Sylvie et Katia pour partager autant de photos et reportages sur MB . Il faudrait maintenant que je prenne la résolution de reprendre des cours d'Anglais, ce serait plus facile !!!
Je me permet d'écrire en Français car avec le traducteur Google , j'utilise parfois des mots ou expressions qui ne sont pas appropriées . Merci de votre aide . Prenez soin de vous . Pensées de France .

Translation of Francoise's message........................

Good evening to all. A small update on my resolution of the month. I am far from the expected result, but I lost 400 g! and no this is not a joke. It is true that my jogging is currently on the Chair at the computer! For you three, I think that the goal is reached. If congratulations!
Thanks to Sylvia, Sylvie and Katia to share as many photos and reports on MB. Should be now that I take the resolution to resume English classes, it would be easier!
I can write in French because with the Google Translator, I sometimes use words or phrases that are not appropriate. Thank you for your help. Take care of yourself. Thoughts of France.
Je suis heureux d'entendre que vous avez perdu donc beaucoup de poids... pense que je vais devoir commencer le jogging  !!! LOL
C'est un plaisir de partager tous les liens et je suis content que vous appréciez tout sur le forum.
Prenez soin de Françoise  !! :)
I have said that I should take up jogging as Francoise does to lose weight and have said I am glad she is enjoying everything on the forum !! )
Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.




As we are into February thought I would kick this month off with a little calendar photo as we did for 2012 and in this photo I have my calendar page for February sitting in amongst the leaves of my poinsettia which my brother gave me on Christmas day and which is still absolutely beautiful !! :)



I do not have a lot to report except that I have lost that pound I put back pleased at that but have yet to finish kitchen although worst bits are done and only have a few little pieces of wallpaper to hang now and should only take me about a day to complete and then it is on to the emulsion....maybe by next week it will be finished......yipeeeeeeee !!! :)   It is great now being able to position, in my minds eye, where I am going to hang my pictures and all little bits and pieces I have in my kitchen because now I don't have to hang to purposefully cover up a bump or other imperfections on the walls because they are all is like looking at a different kitchen and I am more than pleased with !!! lol.

One thing I definitely will aim for and hope I achieve this month, is to get back to the gym, and do not see any reason why not after kitchen that is a goal I am setting myself for February !! :)

Hope everyone else has managed to achieve their aims for January and if not, are still willing to plow ahead with them during February....don't give up....never say never and remember to always; "dream bigger and bolder" and you will get there !!!!! LOL


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


Hi Sylvia, lol I'm glad to hear your kitchen improvements are helping you decorate the way you want! Congratulations on that pound too! :D On my side, I'm pretty consistent with the walking, though I think it was more like 5 instead of 6 days, but that's still pretty good. I've also sorted out boxes of school supplies we bought a plastic bin for so I'm pretty pleased with myself. We also got a new desk for our all-purpose room so need to organize that this week. It'll be nice to have everything in one place, get rid of boxes etc. It's a massive desk and I'm enjoying the elbow room and accessibility to my gadgets. If I target one room at a time, it should help. Maybe you could  schedule yourself a date on the calendar for your return to the gym Sylvia? Well anyway, break a leg on at least finishing up the kitchen soon. Take care sweetie. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada


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