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I thought you would all like to know that after I met with Michael Thompson backstage at Michaels Royal Albert Hall concert in 2009, I have been keeping in contact with him and today I recieved an e-mail from him.


Michael Thompson was Michaels guitar player during the 2009- 2010 tour and who appears on the Royal Albert Hall DVD standing next to Nelson Braxton on stage. You wil lremember that he played an 'extraordinarily amazing' solo during 'summertime'.


Michael told me that he has been working with Michael Bolton on the new CD and in his words, Michael Bolton has really 'outdone himself'  with this album. Michael Thompson says that this album is a really beatiful sounding record.


Michael Thompson also said that he played with Michael Bolton in a concert for 'Yamaha' and Michael Bolton sang 'Dock of the Bay' 'Knock on Wood' and 'Hold on I'm coming' plus a few other songs. (I'm waiting for more details on this event from Michael Thompson)

****Other artists at the Yamaha concert- Sara Bereilles, Ida Michaelson,Sinbad and Sheryll Crow. Sounds like an amazing concert with all those wonderful and very talented artists.


Michael Thompson also said that he has been collaborating a lot with Jason Peterson Delaire in LA on quite a few projects and commented on how talented JPD is. (as if we needed telling eh? Ha Ha!)


Michael Thompson is collaborating with Michaels drummer the wonderful Land Richards tomorrow. The pair are in a session with a new Korean singer tomorrow.


One other thing Michael Thompson said was that Chris Comozzi is now giving guitar lessons and has 'a ton of students!' Now theres a surprise!! Lets face it, who wouldnt want to be taught guitar by the legendary Chris Comozzi?? Where do I sign up??


-------------------End of news-------------------


Just thought I would share this with you all. I was extremely excited about the new cd before hearing this, but now I'm positively foaming at the mouth for it!!! LOL


Love Jennifer XX



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Hi Jennifer,


Thanks very much indeed for that information and lovely too to hear Michael T's comments about Michael B's new CD - it is getting more and more fascinating - OMG I wish we didn't have to wait until the end of June - toooooooooooooo long away !! :)

Lovely to hear too that Chris is doing okay and that Land is still on the scene too - they made a darn good band that lot !! :)

Thanks again Jennifer !! :)


Sylvia.  Your wee Scottish friend.


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