Hi all, never in a million years did think l would ever say this but l was so disappointed by last nights show in Nottingham, that l actually considered leaving before the end. Yes the band are great and yes the backing singer (Sam Fry?) had an alrightish voice, but l didn't  go to see them in concert, l went to hear Michael Bolton's magnificent voice and stage show, which l have enjoyed at every concert l have attended, without fail.

If l had wanted to hear long sessions from the band (albeit good) l would have gone to see a musicians concert and if l had wanted to watch an alrightish singer, l would have booked a stage musical and enjoyed the show! I am sorry, but l am really, really disappointed. l know Michael is a very good person, but l truthfully think he tried to over-stretch himself last night and his show suffered as a consequence. As it goes, there were a lot of people agree with me as we were leaving the concert hall.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but these are the true feelings of a very long standing, deeply disappointed fan.


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Hi Helen... I agree with you a little bit, Sam fry.. a really good singer... here's my down point of the concert... it would have been good if Michael sang the Medley of his songs himself... an brave mood by michael.. letting her take the stage to sing his songs.... will have review later on the concert... due to technical difficulties the show was behind by 10 - 15 minutes...

Look forward to reading the review and anyone else's comments.

Hi Helen and welcome to the forum. Well first, I’m sorry to hear  you were so deeply disappointed. It’s good to know you’re a long-time fan, but may I ask how long it had been since you’ve attended a Michael concert? To my knowledge, Michael has incorporated this set-up for a few years now. Now there have been comments from fans since then, saying we wish he would do the medley himself. Now I’m not saying  I love this set-up, but I’m guessing Michael has his reasons and he probably needs this break in the show to keep performing at the top of his capacities. I’m hoping most of your problem is with the set-up of the show and not Michael that you’re disenchanted with. I don’t get to go to many concerts myself and I’m a “glass half full” kind of person, so would you like to share what you loved about the show? BTW, since you’re new here, I just want to let you know that  we have a tour review thread here:


Just in case you’d like to read about other fans’ impressions of the show, see pictures etc.  Well anyway,  if you stick around the site and need help navigating, feel free to ask. Take good care Helen and thanks for sharing. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi there Sylvie, and thanks for my welcome to the Forum! Have been on here before, but have never passed any comments! It is a few years since I attended a concert, I will admit, mainly through ill health but I do still stand that I was bitterly disappointed. Both the band and the backing singer took up most of the concert and I'm afraid that the backing singer left a lot to be desired! She would be a good strong voice in a musical stage show, but as a singer next to Michael, never. Apparently Michael was also feeling a bit under the weather too, which is perfectly acceptable, if we were told we would understand that, everyone is human after all.

No I was not disappointed with Michael himself, his voice when he sang, was strong, powerful and as beautiful as ever and I will never fail to be amazed when I hear him sing. I will always listen in awe to him and I am awaiting his new album, which I pre-ordered and paid for months ago, with great anticipation and excitement.

I hate to say that there is nothing at all that stood out about this show, which is a sad admission for me to make. Yet I can still remember highlights from other concerts that I have attended like they were yesterday and will always be uppermost in my memories! I really am so sorry to be so negative, but l really never thought l would be writing like this about someone who has been a hero of mine for so many, many years and whose music has made me smile and cry and carried me through so many hard times!

Michael you always have been, and always will be, my hero and every time I play a song by you it brings back feelings and memories, both good and sad. Unfortunately, this last concert wasn't one for me, perhaps the next one will be better.

Thanks Sylvie, take good care yourself (and all the other fans out there!) Helen, Midlands UK

Hi again Helen, we all have responsibilities to ourselves or others  for not attending as many concerts as we’d like. Sorry to hear you’ve had poor health. I have to say I’m a little picky with backups myself. That’s too bad Michael wasn’t feeling well, but great to hear he still sounded great and you weren’t disappointed with his performance. You put that very nicely, by the way. :) I always pre-order Michael’s CD’s too. Helen, as far as I’m concerned, you voiced your opinion about the show itself and weren’t disappointed with Michael, which is what counts. I wish you a more memorable experience next time sweetie. Thanks for your nice reply, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Agreed Sylvie, MB has had this set for a few years no and likes to give others the chance to shine as well as saving his voice! The new album clearly isn't ready, let's not forget MB took time out late 2015 when his Mum, Helen, passed away. Looking forward to the gig next week, as always!

Welcome to the thread Helen, thanks for the post. Stay in touch and here's to the new album!

Hi everyone

As promised my show review. WOW. MB still has it he looked fantastic and boy he can still belt out a tune.  Everything was very similar to how it was 2 years ago with the addition of 4 different songs.  I wont spoil it by staying which ones but they brilliant ones.  There are no new songs from the albm which was a bit of a shame but boy did he rock the house.  The band are awesome and the 2 new girls were great aswell.  BUT the highlight was I got to meet MB leaving the stage door.  Quick recap.  He cam out and I said "can I have  a photo please" he said.... "of course let me get in the car its freezing" lol.  Apprentley MB wasn't feeling well bless him.  Anyway got my photo so one happy bunny.  The only disappointed was we were Up Close and Personal and there was no VIP in attendance just a long queue at a desk to collect your goodies. 

Overall just a brilliant night as always and Gabrielle was awesome even though it was such a shame she had so many technical problems.

Love Lynne 

Brilliant photos Lynne! Sounds great! 

Hi Lynne, glad to hear you’ve had a great time! Markham kindly shared the setlist with us on the tour review thread. As I mentioned on that thread, maybe Michael will include at least one new song in one of the upcoming shows. I remember that 2 years ago, Some fans said they missed “Soul provider” for instance and others missed “Hallelujah”, because Michael changed it up a bit from show to show.  Oh, so glad to hear you got your special moment! Okay, so if I understand correctly, the M&G’s didn’t happen? That’s a shame... In any case, it’s great to hear you at least enjoyed the show and had your special time with Michael Lynne, thanks so much for sharing, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D


The only song I really missed was steel bars but you don't at the time as you are having so much fun.  My M & G is on the 20th of April when MB comes to Newcastle so I am still excited as I have that to look forward to xx

Lynne x

Hi again Lynne, I agree. For my part, I miss it when I don’t hear “Georgia”.  Have a wonderful time in Newcastle and we’ll look forward to your review Lynne, take care. Hugs, sincerely, Sylvie Qc Canada :D

Hi Helen. I am going to see Michael at Sheffield city hall in 2 weeks, so was interested to hear about the show that you saw last night. I have seen Michael a few times now and have never been disappointed. I must admit I don't know the singer that you mentioned (sam fry) but I understand how you must have felt. When I go to see Michael I am on my feet all night singing etc, my feet were killing me after having had high heels on for hours the last time!  so, I hope Michael sings his songs that we all know and have loved for years so that we have a concert to remember. We couldn't go last time he came to sheffield as we were snowed in. we were bitterly disappointed!  Stephanie.


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