If you check the main site and click under Gallery and then On The Road...some pictures of Michael in China have been added.  Hopefully more to follow!! Gail

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Hi Sylvia, Good luck on winning the meet/greet pass. Let us know how the concert goes too.
Good job with the photo!

Robin :)
Good Luck Sylvia
Yes we would love to hear all about the concert enjoy!
Love Dianna xxx
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you win the pass.

Wow!! I really hope you win.

Hmmm, you'll do anything eh? The mind boggles!! Ha Ha Ha!! I know what you mean though...I'd drag myself over hot coals for a backstage pass!! Ha Ha!!

Please let us know if you win it. We're all rooting for you.

Love Jennifer XX
Good Luck Sylvia!! Hope you win them!! Have fun at the concert! We know you will!!! Can't wait to here about it!!

Love Eileen xoxo


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