Hi everyone a few of us were having a little chat about the good old days and I have some files that I can share with you BUT I KNOW ALOT OF YOU HAVE ALOT MORE so if you can help bring back some great memories to share with us why not and try and bring this forum back alive

Love Dianna xxx



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Thanks for taking time to do this Dianna.. I sure hope he's better soon.

Robin in MD :)

Hope your dad is doing better Dianna :)

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Thanks Kathy he had a real bad reacttion to his medication he's out of hospital now though :-)
Love Dianna xxx

I'm glad you are enjoying these ladies x

So glad to hear your dad is doing okay Dianna and hope he contines to improve with each little hour that passes and that they are able to put him on medication that works the way it should !! :))

Thanks again too for all your hard work with those links for as I have said, for someone like me, they are fantastic to see !!! :)


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.


They are great Sylvia , glad u are enjoying them :-)
Thanks for the well wishes too
Love Dianna xxx

Oh my Dianna...glad to hear he is doing better!!!! :))))))))

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Glad to hear he's better Dianna.. Thanks for taking the time to put all these up for us!! It's much appreciated!!!

Robin in MD:)

Hi Diana,


Thank you for posting old copies of the "Bolton Online Updates" it brings back very special memories of when l use to produce these, seems years ago! lol, may have to see what other publishing software is out there now! lol, use to use microsoft publisher to do these but in those days it was hard to make them into pdf we had to at first save them as photographs! lol


Thanks again

Carol (London)

Hi Carol,

We really kind of do have on-line updates happening right here though to be honest

The tour thread, the updates on what Michael's doing etc etc is right here now

I just wanted to relive some memories for some of you and I enjoyed going though them but I am missing a few.

It's also is a great way of showing new commers what Michael and you all were doing 10+ years ago :)

Alot of these I have to scan and am very surprised that they are able to be read LOL!

Do you have them in hard copy on your computer ?

Thanks Carol

Love Dianna xxx

April 2001 cont.....



April 2001 cont...



May 2001 whew on computer :)




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